Old Abandoned Military Bases
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    Old Abandoned Military Bases

    After WWII many airfields were sold off.
    Here is a list that I am aware of

    Here is a link to a website that has more

    Thayer County -
    Clay County - municipal airport now
    Fillmore County - Fairmont - municipal airport now
    Brown County - municipal airport now
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    Re: Old Abandoned Military Bases

    There was a base in Harvard NE that supported the Naval Ammunition Depot during WWII as well.

    The Naval Ammunition Depot at Hastings is a very large area. Covers an area of about 10 miles north to south and 20 east to west. The area was sold off in the late 60s and some of it became the US Meat Animal Research Center, some of it became commercial and some of it agricultural.
    Back in the 70s the National Guard had a training facility in the area. Many of the old storage bunkers are grain storage or hog confinement.

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    Re: Old Abandoned Military Bases

    The Guard still has part of the ammo dump for storage and their rifle range.
    Been to Harvard once during an air show. Not much left couple buildings and runway.

    From what I've been able to find out, Fairmont, Harvard, (thayer co), York also had air bases.
    The one in York is gone (north of the Fair grounds) turned into commercial property. One of the streets still follows the old runway. Fairmont was a large airport and I've been told that there is a complete bomber buried at the south end of the runway. My source said that they couldn't salvage it to fly so they buried it.
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    Re: Old Abandoned Military Bases

    In that big open space out in Air Park just outside of Lincoln is the grounds for the old Airfield used during WW2. A friend of mine and I went out there once and looked around for a little while. Over by the only picnic canopy area, we pulled up about 2 bucks in clad coins in a four foot area so I doubt many people go out there to hunt. Due to the size of this park, it's doubtful I could cover the whole area myself, so if anyone else is in the area, HH!
    BTW, there's also a couple ponds out there (maybe a few pilots n mechanics would take a dip during those hot Nebraska summers?) which I would love to check out, but my submersible got fried and I haven't had the money to replace it.
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    Re: Old Abandoned Military Bases

    Old bases are hard to find. I know there's 2 around the town I live in but cannot find anything about them online. I plan on going to the library next then seeing if I can find anyone who might now of the locations.
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    Rehashing an old thread here....what are the rules and regs on MDing on abandoned air bases? My grandparents farm (that is still in the family) is 3miles from the Fairmont base. I plan on going to the old farm ( built in the 40's) and beep around and see what I can find out there. I would be interested in finding out info on if one can walk on a base and nose around or is that looked down upon? I know it is on the historical registry which is leading me to think one couldn't cut plugs in the ground there.. Not really sure, any ones help would be great! Thanks!
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    Bruning AAF was located 6 miles East of the town of Bruning. Was a big bomber training base and privately owned now.
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    OK so this is an old post BUT, I saw on the new last night that a guy wants to open a Lincoln Air Base/Field museum in the old AirPark Chapel. He has a small collection of artifacts. I wonder if we can talk him into MDing where the old buildings used to be to get more?



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