New to Treasure Hunting in general (Green Cove Springs, FL)
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    Sep 2012
    Green Cove Springs
    Tesoro Cibola
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    New to Treasure Hunting in general (Green Cove Springs, FL)

    Hello everyone, I got my first metal detector for Christmas this year ( Tesoro Cibola). I guess I am younger than most members on here at only 21, but I am very interested in metal detecting and any kind of relic hunting. If anyone in the orange park/green cove area would like to meet up and help a newbie out, it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Aug 2012
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    Hello and welcome to the forum! Congrats on the new MD!

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    Feb 2007
    Bradenton, Fl
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    welcome to TNet

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    Apr 2012
    Irving Texas and the beach
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    welcome good luck detecting

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    Mar 2012
    Northern Florida
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    Well, there are a lot of sites in the area (I live in Middleburg). Kingsley's Original plantation, Laurel Grove, was located in Holly Point East. A small (3 pounder) cannon was located there when they widened a drainage ditch in that neighborhood. If you could get homeowners permission, you night get very lucky. St Johns Landing Apartments in Green Cove Springs was the site of a Seminole Wars Camp, a Civil War Fort, and the original Florida Military Academy. But it's off-limits to hunting, unless you get a specific homeowner's permission to hunt their property. But most of the grounds belong to the Apartments, and are off-limits. There was a Confederate artillery battery located on Fleming Island, but no one has ever tracked it down, just as no one has ever found the "Confederate Headquarters" located on Doctors Lake. I personally think the headquarters was probably located near the Thresher-Horne Center on St. Johns River State College property. There were several Civil War skirmishes located near Lake Asbury, The Jennings State Forest, and Russell. I found a few bullets near the intersection of 218 and 739, but I've hunted nearer to 218 and north towards Middleburg, and the bullets thin out fast. It's likely that most of the skirmish was fought in what is now Lake Asbury neighborhood, maybe near W. Simmons, Arthur Moore Drive. I have not gotten around to asking permission there. But if you want to hunt together as a team, I am game. Just contact me and let me know when.
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    Mar 2012
    Spring TX
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    Welcome to the forums!


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    keep on diggin!!

    Jun 2005
    alachua county, FL
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    WElcome......just down the road a gainesville, too bad you missed our florida hunt.send me a pm, if ya have any questions...gregg

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    Feb 2013
    Central Florida
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    Metal Detecting

    Welcome From Central Florida...

    brand new here myself, enjoy the forum!
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    Aug 2010
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    You found what?

    Aug 2007
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    Welcome from Michigan!



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