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Thread: Kevin - Maryland

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    Sep 2014
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    Kevin - Maryland

    Good evening everyone!

    So, I confess that I have been a lurker on this site for a while now, and finally decided to become a member of the forum. Admittedly, it is the thrill of discovery that has spearheaded my interest in metal detecting as a hobby. My family and I have just recently moved to MD, and as luck would have it the area in which we live is ripe with history, particularly from the War of 1812. While I am sure I would have a ton of fun finding jewelry on many of the local beaches, I think relics from this period in history are going to be my main target as I get started! My experience with metal detectors is extremely limited. In fact, I have only used the Garrett point detectors as a method of searching for suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan, which now that I really think about it is not terribly intelligent! Those things don’t really get you out of the blast radius do they!?

    Anyways, I know a lot of research is in my future, and with the winter months coming up I think that will be just fine. I am not looking to purchase a detector this weekend, I would like to take my time and get a sense of what is out there, but I think researching this area of MD is most important at the moment.

    So, with my introduction, I bring a couple of questions:

    1. Are there any other detectors in the Dundalk/Essex, MD area? I would love to find a buddy or two and kind of make a project out of this, and learn the ropes as I go, and I don’t want to be stomping on someone else’s hunting grounds! (Ok, that’s a lie! I do, but I don’t think that’s any way to make friends!)

    2. What are the best resources for research? Journals and diaries? Textbooks? Any other hints?

    Thanks for having me! Glad to finally be part of the group!

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    Jul 2014
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    Wel-come to the club ...

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    Mar 2013
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    Welcome to T-net and happy hunting!

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    Welcome Aboard! Take a look at Sub-Forums: Maryland for information (i.e., clubs, etc.) directly related to your state.
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    Apr 2014
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    If you're particularly interested in relics from the war of 1812, you really couldn't be in a better place than Dundalk.

    The location the Battle of North Point is relatively well known, and there are public schools in the area with adjacent woods that almost certainly saw action.

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    Jan 2014
    Maryland's Eastern Shore
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    Welcome JuicyCarp.
    I would think that finding War of 1812 artifacts in your area will be difficult. Probably lots of people have traveled those paths before you, but on the other hand, they certainly didn't find everything there is to be found. The biggest problem will be all the "development" that has taken place there over the last 200 years., covering up, scattering, or destroying many skirmish sites.
    If you are interested in old coins and such, you are in a hotspot. Construction sites in and around Baltimore will be productive, just study up on which neighborhoods to avoid, unless still prepared for combat. Many of the parks, schools, and other "public" properties in that area, are now public owned because over 100 years ago they were dumping areas for the city of Baltimore. Merritt Point Park is an infamous old bottle dump site along the waters edge, as well as the Lynch Cove School waters edge, as well as most of the Bear Creek shorelines, but don't get caught digging there, as the authorities are on the lookout and will get quite upset. Eastern Avenue in Essex where it crosses over the river (I believe there is an old folks home there now), is also an old bottle dump along the shore line. This particular area of Essex would be a good place to metal detect if you can find access to any construction sites, or get permission from any home or land owners. This area of Essex was used in the mid and late 1800's as an, out in the country, "anything goes" entertainment area for Baltimoreans. There were many amusement parks, houses of ill repute, speakeasy's, and taverns. When Sunday alcohol sales were not permitted in Baltimore, they were permitted in that section of Essex. Good luck, be safe, and let us hear about your finds.

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    Aug 2012
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    Welcome aboard and good luck on your hunts...

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    Sep 2014
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    Thanks everyone for the welcome!

    Redbeardrelics – That is a lot of great information, and I appreciate it! As luck would have it, I live on the shore of Bear Creek. In fact, I live on the point of Lynch Road, which I think might be the area you were talking about. I am not sure how familiar you are with the area over there, you seem pretty knowledgeable, but they just built a few new homes on the water and I bought one. So, perhaps being a property owner in that area will help out with the authorities!

    Owk – I hope you are right, and I agree that there has been a lot of development, but I still see a lot of opportunity! I guess as I get into my research I will get a better idea of what is available, I already know North Point State Park is off limits with detectors, so that’s a shame! However, the topography of the area looks like it lends itself well to predicting large troop movements, so hopefully I can get lucky.

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    Mar 2012
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    Welcome to Tnet from SoCal and good hunting. Sounds like prime area to research.
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    Jan 2014
    Maryland's Eastern Shore
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    Hey JuicyCarp, I am going to try to attach a Google Earth image here , I hope it works. The red outlined circles are some of the known 1860-1900 era bottle dumps along Bear Creek. During this period the trash from Baltimore City would be loaded at the City Dock onto barges, which they towed out of the port, and up into the nearest river, which was Bear Creek. The trash would be dumped and offloaded there at the sites I have marked, and probably many more. I suspect you could find "floaters" anywhere and everywhere along Bear Creek if you looked, although you would normally have to dig down into the shoreline one or two feet to find them. The other location I mentioned over the Eastern Avenue bridge in Essex is along the shore below the Riverview Rehab and Health Center. This was not a Baltimore City trash dump, but rather a dumping site from one of the Amusement Parks that once existed on that peninsula, Hoilday Park may have been it's name, I don't remember off the top of my head.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bear Creek 1.JPG 
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Size:	207.3 KB 
ID:	1051251
    PS. The red "X' was the house that a "caretaker" lived in, who would chase away bottle diggers, last I heard though, it was vacant. Good luck if you decide to investigate.

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    Sep 2014
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    My house is right in the middle of that map! In fact, let me post the same map with a few new areas highlighted to see what you think.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bear Creek 1.JPG 
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Size:	390.0 KB 
ID:	1051498

    (hey look, my first treasure map!)

    The yellow house in the middle is where I live.

    The small circle is a little beach that seems to be a popular place for the younger, slightly intoxicated crowd to hang out on the weekends. There is no parking lot for it, i think there is just a small path that goes through the woods. But on any given weekend there are about 20 or so people out there swimming and jumping off the train bridge, might be a good spot for jewelry.

    The large circle is the area i am most excited about, the golf club! The president of the country club board is buying the house right next to mine, and it is my goal to talk him into letting me metal detect in the woods surrounding the fairways for relics. Strategically the golf course could not be in a better place, as it sits right on a natural choke point between Bear Creek and Bread and Butter Creek. If you were trying to get to Baltimore from North Point, you have to go through there. If you were a smaller force defending Baltimore from a larger force on North Point, that is the place where you would choose to fight! So, I am hopeful!

    Is there a big market for old bottles? Glass bottles? when we get the wind in the right direction, and low tide, the water can move out and expose a good 20-30 feet of shoreline that is usually underwater. I might have to keep an eye out!

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    Jan 2014
    Maryland's Eastern Shore
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    Prehistoric artifacts, metal detecting, bottle digging
    Hey JuicyCarp, I have sent you a private message.

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    Mar 2012
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    Welcome to Tnet! Looks like you are on the right path in your research. And there is a good market for old bottles.



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    Oct 2004
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    Maryland round milk bottles are sought highly sought after if they are rare or semi rare. Hit any woods up around you for metal detecting, the fall will be good, no people swimming and the brush dies down. Hopefully no hunters are there when you are. Any shoreline detecting you do, try at low tide if it is tidal and work the waters edge.



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