Any tips on finding some points?
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    Apr 2009
    Hardyville, KY
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    Any tips on finding some points?

    Hey friends. I am still fairly new at this arrowhead hunting ordeal. Is there anyone who can give me some good advice on finding them in fields? I live in Kentucky. Thanks bunch!
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    Dec 2009
    The south
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    Drive around for hours, find some plowed fields,Ask permission, concentrate on areas near water, creek or river or lake or pond. Walk for hours with your head down and cross your fingers!

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    Dec 2009
    in your back yard
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    Look after the first rains in plowed or harrowed fields they are easier to spot then. leave your detector in the car that way you consentrate on looking for points and you'l find more. Please post what you find. Good luck. HH
    Broken Knee
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    Apr 2003
    South Carolina
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    High ground, near water. Plowed fields after rain...

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    Jan 2006
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    I totally agree with Martingeetars, Broken knee and SC Digger, look at my 1st 2 finds in The flint in KY is more of a smokey grayish color based on what I've seen in person and on TNet. Make sure you wear boots!! LOL! Good Luck!
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    Dec 2010
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    patience and persistence

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    Nov 2010
    Western PA
    When you stop to ask for permission, ask if anyone hunts the ground. But more importantly, ask if they ever see the same person there twice! And if they tell you 'that field was picked over years ago' you know you're onto something.

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    May 2010
    england, ar
    78 times
    Relic Hunting
    I agree with what the others have suggested.I'm a newbe too,only been hunting for my third year.Heres what I did.First of all,some friends got me hooked.After hunting on their places,I got a feel for what to look for,and started finding my own places.So,ask around in the groups that you belong to,like church,the kids ball game group,co-workers,ect.If this fails,drive around in nearby farmland.Look for sandy hills or ridges near bodies of water.Try to get permission,always.Try to catch it after its been disc up and after a rain.Look for chips or flakes of flint,or broken pottery.Learn to tell the difference between flint and household trash.If you are hunting a field without permission and someone drives up,walk out to them,don't make them come to you.Introduce yourself and say that you have tried and failed to find the owner and you are glad to finally meet them.If you get permission,explain that you stopped because the field looked like a likely spot and ask if they know of any others.If you get permission,treat the land respectfully.Take everything with you that you brought.Don't leave cig butts or packages,cans,bottles,ect.Tracks are usually ok,but don't make ruts,and don't walk on their young plants.If you take someone with you,explain that you are a guest,and that they do not have permission to return without you.Hope this helps a little, Lightman

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    Son of Eagles

    Mar 2010
    Minelab Equinox 800, Minelab SE PRO, Garrett AT Pro, Garrett Ace 250
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    When I was a little kid I used to look for "arrowheads" in my grandfathers woods by looking at trees. My reasoning was that the "Indians" might have missed the running animals they were shooting at and the arrows would hit the trees and break off. I own 0 arrowheads..

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    Mar 2012
    22 times
    Pick up lots of rocks. Learn the colors and types of chert/flint that are native to your area and pick up everything of similar color.



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