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    Jan 2007
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    Templars Connection

    I saw a TV program that featured the Templars (holy grail, etc.), and a trip to the New World before Columbus. Supposedly, they landed in northern Nova Scotia, then traveled down the Saint Lawrence into Quebec. Evidence has been found of a building (a mill) near a stream that carbon 14 dating places in the 14th century.

    I have also heard of a Templar - Oak Island connection. Is there any substantive evidence of it? Thanks.

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    Sep 2007
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    Re: Templars Connection

    There's really no evidence per se, it's all basically speculation at this point. If you can track down a copy of Steven Sora's The Lost Treasure of the Knight's Templar, he attempts to make a case for an Oak Island-Knights Templar connection. As well, check out www.oakislandtreasure.co.uk , the number one site online for all things Oak Island, for additional information.

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    May 2008
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    Re: Templars Connection

    For a sober second thought, this site is a good read...



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    Sep 2007
    Prince Edward Island
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    Re: Templars Connection

    Aye, the Critical Enquiry website. While I don't agree with everything they have to say, I won't deny that they support their claims with evidence.

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    Nov 2009
    Panama City, FL

    Re: Templars Connection

    I have done a lot of reading on the topic of the templars coming to America, and there is good evidence that they may have. There are artifacts, buildings, and grave sites that have been found that are linked to the templars in the northern east coast. One of the big reasons that I myself cannot rule out the templars as part Oak Island is this. Researchers have shown that the Oak tree is not from this area, and after dating many of the Oak trees on the island, they say that most of them were brought/planted here in the late 1300s to early 1400s. That would put it on par with the templars.

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    Jul 2009
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    Re: Templars Connection

    The Freemasons and the OAK Island Treasure

    Links have been made by many between the treasure of Oak Island and the Knights
    Templar, precursors for the Freemasons. By drawing parallels between the mystery
    of Oak Island's Money Pit and the rituals of the Freemasons, evidence can
    suggest heavy Masonic involvement in the creation of the enigmatic pit.

    Masonry first arrived in North America in the eighteenth century, being defined
    by its "peculiar system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by
    symbols". It now appears that the Masonic Secret Vault allegory holds some
    significance in the mystery when considering the placement of peculiar signs and

    The "strange markings" reportedly carved on the oak adjacent to the Pit can be
    seen to invoke Masons' Marks, inscribed signs by which Masons are identified.
    The three alleged discoverers of the Pit can be seen to represent the Three
    Worthy Sojourners, where Daniel McGinnis represents the Principal Sojourner,
    known for discovering the Secret Vault in the Royal Arch degree. In such a
    ritual, the aspirant is lowered on a rope through a succession of trap doors. It
    does not take much to recognise the similarities in this act with the workmen
    who were on occasion hauled up and down the Money Pit shaft.

    Interestingly, the tools used by the diggers, such as spades, pickaxes, and a
    crowbar represent the three Working Tools of the Royal Arch Mason. Indeed, when
    in 1803 workers probed the bottom of the Pit with a crowbar and struck what they
    thought was a treasure chest, their actions recall the Royal Arch degree in
    which the Secret Vault is located by a sounding blow from a crowbar

    Further still, other recovered artefacts can be seen to hold ritualistic
    significance. These include the stone triangle and great "Christian Cross" as
    well as "a hand worked heart-shaped stone", all Masonic symbols. It could be
    suggested that the immense amount of time and energy needed to lie out the large
    cross could have been part of a Masonic ritual.

    Other artefacts found are not so obvious in their signification, such as the
    inscribed stone cipher stone, which disappeared about 1919. Its text has
    allegedly been preserved in a variety of forms and decipherments, the most
    accepted translation being, "Forty Feet Below Two Million Pounds Are Buried".
    Given the nature of the masons, relying on a "peculiar system of morality veiled
    in allegory and illustrated by symbols" (to return to the initial definition),
    such a cipher message would hold a place in this tradition.

    It has been argued by most Oak Island researchers that the stone is a hoax but
    it must be considered that the stone was mentioned in early accounts of a
    variety of expeditions. It is significant however that a cipher message, often
    with a key is found in the Secret Vault, is a central aspect of Freemasonry's
    Royal Arch degree.

    To assign Masonic signification further still, the discovery of an old metal
    setsquare at Smith's Cove may simply be an innocent finding but when considered
    alongside the Secret Vault allegory, it must be recalled that three small
    squares were among the items found. Indeed, the square is one of the major
    symbols of Freemasonry which, united with a pair of compasses, comprises the
    universal Masonic emblem.

    In 1967 evidence of a Masonic stone, a granit boulder, was overturned by a
    bulldozer and on its underside was the identifiable emblem of the letter 'G' in
    a rectangle. 'G' denotes the Grand Geometer of the Universe God, the focus of
    masonic teachings and is the most public of all symbols used. The presence of
    this symbol on Oak Island, coupled with its location in the east which is
    considered the source of light in Masonic teaching serves as further evidence
    that freemasonry is almost certainly involved in the mystery.

    Recent attempts to link the Holy Grail to Oak Island are compounded by the
    evidence of Masonic ritual apparent on Oak Island. In any event, the evidence
    indicates a strong Masonic connection to the Oak Island enigma, whether as the
    original concealers of the assumed treasure, or even originators of the legend
    as a farce, or means to attract funds.

    The above text was written with reference to Joe Nickell's article 'The Secrets
    of Oak Island'. It provides an abridged overview of his research and thoughts on
    the Oak Island Mystery. You can read his excellent article in depth, on the
    Skeptical Enquirer website.

    Knights of the Golden Circle Archive and Research
    Sons of Liberty and the Order of American Knights



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