Panama...Boca del Toros area?
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    Jan 2008

    Panama...Boca del Toros area?

    I am going to this area in two months. I know very little, and reseach is 80% of the hunt! There were at least a dozen Pirates that lounged here...and a lost mine. I am wondering what help I can receive from 'you'...["our" site], in the next 2 months, and share with you on my return! Thanks

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    Dec 2005
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    Re: Panama...Boca del Toros area?

    Write again, maybe a couple of weeks before you come to Panama.
    I might join you.
    To protect our hobby, always fill the holes you dig.

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    Jul 2009

    Re: Panama...Boca del Toros area?

    There are supposed to be numerous Galleons in the Porto Bello bay but I can't find any detail on them either. In addition the fleet of 1681 (Tierre Firme) lost at least three rich ships along the North Panama coast.



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