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    Aug 2006

    Re: My attempt to dig a hole in the NF and where it led me.

    Quote Originally Posted by beale

    This is not just about your attempt to dig in the NF. It is about opening up 700 million acres to all of us treasure hunters, explorers and even the ones that pan for gold in it's streams and rivers.

    I am surprised! No, I am totally shocked that there is not more participation on your post. I have pm'd Marc and tried to get this on treasurenet favorites but I have received no reply. Come on out there if you are a treasure hunter or just a coin shooter----------there are millions of acres with campsites, swimming holes with change, rings and necklaces. Everyone get involved.
    Yeah, I've been totally shocked for nearly 4-years; since I found out what was going on. I'm paying $400. out of my own pocket to get face to face time (VIP fund raiser) with the Speaker of the House (Dennis Hastert for those who aren't into politics) to give him a copy of my legislation and try to get him to read it in front of me and give me his opinion.

    I'm also speaking in front of my local gem and mineral club this Saturday (if I don't faint walking up to the microphone) on the topic. This is about all recreation that involves public land. And I feel like no one cares about it but me. Can't tell you how frustrating it is. 700 million acres, being controlled by the (mostly) environmentally extremist groups and lobbyist.
    That website (look at the bottom) will give you lots of info from their links about where you "can" go for recreation. What a crock!!

    To quote: Peter F Colwell* Tim F Scheu** in "Public land use constraints: Lot and house configuration"
    "The public sector constrains the size and shape of lots and buildings via zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations. Zoning ordinances utilize setback requirements, open space ratios, minimum lot area and floor-to-area ratios. Subdivision regulations utilize street and sidewalk spacing requirments."

    Makes me angry when I think that "the public" can vote out of office some guy who is trying to build low cost housing next to a Championship Golf Course; but "the public" can't do the same when "the government" (read BLM, NFS) constrains "the public" off of 700 million acres of land for traditional recreational purposes.

    That was so good, I think I'll go put it somewhere on my website.

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    Aug 2005
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    Re: My attempt to dig a hole in the NF and where it led me.

    quote from beale,

    "I had been down there detecting for three days with rangers driving by and starring at me. I didn't even know I could have went to jail. So others out there beware and find out such things. We do take our freedoms for granted sometimes and for this we can assume wrong.

    The fines being very steep and the tolerance for anyone is zero. "

    How can tolerance be zero if they had been driving by for three days and said nothing nor confiscated anything? Are we exaggerating a wee bit?

    I have already sent my senator and congressmen letters in support of Mrs. Strole's bill. It is a cause that every person on TNet should endorse.

    grizzly bare

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    Dec 2005
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    Re: My attempt to dig a hole in the NF and where it led me.

    Deborah, if you want some results and some help, try linking up with on this one.

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    Aug 2006

    Re: My attempt to dig a hole in the NF and where it led me.

    Thanks so much Jeffro; I wrote to and asked them to visit my website for more details than the 4 or 5 paragraphs I wrote to them. Hope it gets some attention.
    I went to the fund-raiser yesterday so I could talk to my Congressman again and also spoke with the Speaker of the House; who I had met once before. It never ceases to amaze me to hear the stories they tell; in this case, Dennis Hastert told of his 9-11 day experience; blow by blow. I almost cried as he described how horrified he was that the secret service was whisking him away to safety and how he wouldn't go until he got his aids and staff to safety first.

    Same with Congressman Renzi; how his trip to Israel during the war a few weeks ago and how a 7 year old little girl was not afraid but her 13 year old sister was terrified as they watched the bombs dropping around them in the distance. He asked the youngest one why she was not afraid; and she said her God and her Govt. was protecting her. Renzi got a bit emotional when he said "out of the mouth of babes". I agree; and made my pitch again for more attention to my proposed legislation. I even asked Renzi if I could give a copy of it to the Speaker and he wouldn't let me, but Mr. Hastert wanted to know what it was about and Renzi gave him a quick mention and that he was working on it.

    Please everyone, write to any person you know who has ever used public land for anything; camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, whatever......... and get them to use my website to write a letter to Congressman Renzi.

    Thanks for your support, I'm working for your rights,


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    May 2006
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    Re: My attempt to dig a hole in the NF and where it led me.

    I have a 130 acre gold claim in a National Forrest in Western Oregon.
    I was visted many times by the GREENIES. I was fully armed along with 3 other people in my group. They NEVER asked me a thing except how my day was going.
    I was not digging a hole but was collecting minerial samples maybe that was the difference or that I was armed to the teeth.
    Good luck on you project.
    Peg Leg

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    Re: My attempt to dig a hole in the NF and where it led me.

    This is an important thread so I'm bouncing it to the top. Never too late to write a letter on behave of our hobby.

    Deborah, I wrote a magazine article about this very problem...radical environmentalists and the control they have over our Public Lands. I wish you well in your endeavor to get legislation passed. I'll continue to fight for the literal & figurative word "Public" being returned to "Our Lands"

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    Re: My attempt to dig a hole in the NF and where it led me.


    Liberty and justice for all

    Offer not available in some areas. Prices subject to change.
    I know it's here, just need a bigger coil!

    I think I know what my last words will be....
    "Hold my beer and watch this!"

    Famous last words "Wow! Is that a meteor?"

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    Jan 2006
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    Re: My attempt to dig a hole in the NF and where it led me.

    Bumping this to the top.
    I'm not sure of the outcome of this but I think this is one of the most important topics I've read.
    Beach hunting with the kids.


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