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    Garrett Pro 2....Ghost Signals or what ?

    Okay, so I've had this new one for about a year and it works great ! But now I'm digging in what appears to be moderate mineralized red soil (possibly iron content ?) from a creek bottom where I've panned gold before. This is moist soil, not wet. There is no charcoal in this soil, no bb's from shotguns, no lead. The pointer goes off dramatically, I place the sample in plastic freezer bags, then check it, same thing it goes off in the freezer bags. I pan it later and get very little in black sands and apparently nothing else. I've been panning for over 60 years and just haven't experienced anything like this. So I retune it and the signals start again from this 1 foot hole. I pick a different spot 4 feet uphill and dig a 4 foot hole and I get the same thing, I retune it, over and over again. The battery is new, but I put in a new one out of the package, no difference, still goes off again. Hmmmmmmmmm……..I pan, I pan and pan again. There appears to be some very, very small, I mean incredibly small knat poop gold and possibly platinum but it is so small only my Falcon MD 20 should be picking it up. Funny part is, I'll pour the contents out of the freezer bag into the pan and check it, (plastic pan) got my signals but as soon as I emerge the pan into water, I lose the signals !!! Am I going Nuts or what, hee,hee ? I not only get the signals on the point of the pointer but also on the scraping blade. I pan into pans in a plastic tub and I'll be damned if I can get a signal from anything that has touched water. Anybody else run into this dilemma?



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