Update on Wales Newport ship
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    May 2006
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    Update on Wales' Newport ship

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    Re: Update on Wales' Newport ship

    Great article. Incredible history and very personal for the folks of Newport. It's indeed a wonderful opportunity for them.

    I noted the irony of the language of Mr. Ferris, the leader of the project. "Historical gold..." "panning for gold..." "the gold waiting to be discovered..." Using language like this affirms the innate desire of man to discover treasure, yet if any treasure hunter acts on that desire, then he is ridiculed. So why make a case against treasure hunters and then use treasure-hunting language to add excitement to your own project?

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    Re: Update on Wales' Newport ship

    I have great memories of that particular Newport (I live in Newport, Oregon) where two of my very good friends used to live. It has a very extensive, sandy beach, and to think that I might have walked right over that great treasure from the past. I note on the South Wales Argus' page, there are postings from people who say that examining and preserving the ship is a waste of money. What a myopic view!


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    Re: Update on Wales' Newport ship

    mariner Historical Gold, one man's garbage is an other man's treasure.
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