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    Jun 2007
    Boca de Ratones
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    raise the jollyroger

    is it true some of the treasure artifacts in the state museums are fakes? or replicas as they might call them. if that is so then all bets are off. i say, raise the jollyroger..
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    Call the Ball...

    Aug 2005
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    Re: raise the jollyroger

    And here I am...



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    Feb 2004
    lake mary florida
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    Re: raise the jollyroger

    just go to the state run Mclarty museum in sebastian near the inlet if you want to see all the fake and replica artifacts.even the large iron cannon is a fake.i havent been to any of the other state museums.maybe you should go to them all and spend your money to get in them,then report back to us which ones have the real stuff.
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    Oct 2006
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    Re: raise the jollyroger

    I was at the museum with my boss in Tallassee on business last week, they are all the real deal there. Also spent time in the lab with the Archies, amazing! Great field trip!


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    Re: raise the jollyroger

    The museum at Sebastian was robbed a couple times, so fakes had to be put in. The younger guy there tells the story of some small time dingbat climbing in through the eaves and then getting busted with some of the treasure in Orlando. The rest of it? Who knows...
    The museum in Tallahassee makes cannon moulds for any museum that asks, so there are these concrete cannons in various places that normally wouldn't be able to show off a cannon. I saw one at a state park recently.

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    Nov 2006

    Re: raise the jollyroger

    Hi Mick-
    Yeah, the robber dingbat is the story I heard too.
    The McLarty is kinda in a remote area off A1A, and seems to be a location that would be easy to rob, I guess, if that was your idea of getting crack money (or whatever).....anyway, here's what I wanted to say: Somebody ought to put their foot down and say to the State that this is unacceptable! We have been busting our butts salvageing and giving our required 25% to the state, only to have them squirrel it away in a vault in Tallahassee, and NOT to put it on display for the public ON THE TREASURE COAST where we (and the tourists) expect to be able to view it.
    Over the weekend, I had a rare opportunity to take my Dad over to visit the McLarty, and show him some of the history and treasure of this area.
    I was, I'm sorry to say, kinda embarassed to tell him, as we looked at stuff, that almost everything we saw there was fake! (*&^%$#......whats up with that In this day and age, they could install a decent alarm system and protect everything....right? Anyway, thats my rant. Anyone else have an opinion?

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    Jun 2007
    Boca de Ratones
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    Re: raise the jollyroger

    if the salvers were able to keep everything they find and let the state make replicas or even borrow items for a while then i, the tourist could look my kid in the eye , say "that a fake and the brave guy who found it has it at home , great world we live in ain't it". but to have it in a vault were no one will enjoy it makes me sick . also to think i a criminal for picking up something 50 years old, makes my stomach hurt.
    the hardest thing to find has been the time.



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