Mining Claims in the Black Hills National Forest
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    Feb 2013
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    Mining Claims in the Black Hills National Forest

    What is the easiest way to find out where the claims are located in the Black Hills National Forest? I was hoping there might be a map overlay for google earth or something along those lines but haven't been able to find anything yet. I'd like to swing a metal detector without getting on someone's bad side. It would be nice if a person could carry a gps so he knows he's not on anyone's claim by accident.

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    Feb 2013
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    This is something i have been fighting with for years in the hills. Many claim holders do not maintain their markers. In many cases it is not the claim holders fault, as folks often tear them down. Your best bet would be to contact the BLM in Montana and request claim informtion on the sections of the hills you are interested in. I normally get claim information back within a week after it is requested.

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    Learn to use LR2000, part of BLM site. You will need to know some basics, such as the fact that the Montana office is the admin office for South Dakota, although Wyoming is admin in Wyoming. You will need to know the townships that you are interested in - searching the whole Black Hills by region will NOT return the information that you are looking for. I buy multiple copies of the main forest service map and use color coded permanent markers to mark placer and lode claims when I am prospecting an area. Do your research on placers, find the township, then use the legal descriptions to mark the areas. GPS lat and long will also be on some claims if you need to find monuments/claims in areas that are crowded with claims. Most patent claims in the Black Hills are now private land, these areas are easy to find on the forest service map, they will be white not green. A plat book for your county will be around $20 to $40 and will list all private landowners if intend to contact people and ask for permission. Good luck!


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    Feb 2016
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    I checked out Free for 7 days not sure the price but it is Google Earth with claims. Don't know the accuracy but wish someone with knowledge of area would check it out to determine its value.



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