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Thread: Whites Spectra and new to hobby

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    Dec 2005
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    White's: V3i, MXT, XL Pro (In the past: White's: VX3, DFX, XLT, 6000 Di Pro SL, Coinmaster 2DB --- Minelab CTX 3030, Equinox 800)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahts-a-dats-ago View Post
    The V3 is a V3i with fewer options to tweak. It came (standard) with the 950 concentric coil (vs the 10" DD coil that comes with the V3i). If you send the V3 in you will get back a V3i (I don't know if that will include the DD coil)(a new 10 inch DD coil runs around $249).

    To my knowledge there has never been a firmware update for the V3i. The intent, when building the V3i, was to have it capable of being updated; Minelab sued Whites over that and Whites never made the V3i updateable as a result (according to what I've read, anyway). (By updateable I mean via the internet)

    $695 for what will amount to a brand new V3i with two coils and two sets of wireless headphones (plus the other stuff) seems like a magnificent bargain in my book. The only thing you'd miss out on is the two year warranty that comes with a brand new machine (and the DD coil - I'm assuming).
    You are referring to the VX3, which is the simpler machine with the 950 concentric. The V3 is the original V3i, which is no different from the V3i except for the decals and an earlier version of the firmware. Some expert users actually prefer the original V3 with the older firmware, claiming that the original V3 has better ground balancing. It's nice to know that White's will do the upgrade for free, though, if you want it.

    The V3/V3i are great machines and it sounds like you've found a great deal.

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    Jul 2016
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    I bought a refurbished V3 and Whites updated it to the VDI and gave me a 1 year Warranty. I love the company. This machine is certainly not the simplest one I've used. There is a tremendous amount to learn. I have no regrets however.

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    Jan 2019
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    Buy it...period, itís a great machine


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