Several NEW things in the pipeline, including Sovereign/Excal straight shafts??? :)
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    Several NEW things in the pipeline, including Sovereign/Excal straight shafts??? :)

    Hi all!

    There are a few new things which have been on the "drawing board" at Steve's Detector Rods, some which are available now, and some which I hope to have available in the near future. These new items include:

    1. Three-piece travel shafts for the Equinox

    Along with my standard two-piece shafts for the Minelab Equinox, I just completed a design for a three-piece "travel" shaft, for anyone who may be interested. I can build these in a "custom" way, based on your needs; in other words, if you know your length limit, in terms of how long any one section of the three-piece shaft can be, I can build your shaft to that spec. The shaft would have TWO cam locks, instead of one; that means that for travel purposes, the upper cam lock would allow the upper shaft to be dis-assembled from the middle shaft section, while the lower cam lock would permit the lower rod to telescope completely inside the middle shaft section. This would mean you'd be travelling with the shaft in two pieces, (an upper section, and a lower collapsed inside the middle section)m with the lengths limited to whatever your needs require (as short as 20").

    2. Minelab Sovereign/Excalibur Straight Shaft

    I am also working on a prototype design for an Sov/Excal two-piece shaft, that would be very similar in appearance to the Equinox shaft. I have a few details still to be worked out; as I am currently acquiring parts (lower rod "clevis/yoke" pieces to fit the Sov/Excal coils, straight-shaft handles, etc.), but I expect the design to be functional soon. If you have an interest in a Sov. or Excal shaft, please respond to this thread, as I'm trying to gauge interest to see how large of an initial batch of shafts I may wish to produce.

    3. Custom 31" Equinox upper shafts, at a STEEP discount

    Due to a drilling mistake by my tube manufacturer, I have limited number of tubes -- both black and colored -- from which I can produce slightly shorter, 31" upper shafts. Due to the tube error (in the holes drilled at one end of the tube), I can offer these "short" upper shafts at a substantial discount, as compared to a "standard" upper shaft. If you have been interested in a carbon-fiber setup for your Equinox, but have hesitated due to cost, this may be your opportunity to acquire a super shaft, at a great price!

    4. Custom dive shafts for the Equinox

    Finally, I am now offering custom "dive shafts" for anyone who needs a shorter-than-normal shaft for underwater detecting with the Equinox. I can make the dive shafts to any custom length, and can offer them in a one-piece, fixed-length shaft, or a two-piece adjustable shaft.

    Of course, standard, complete shafts for the Equinox are in-stock and available (as well as upper shafts only, or lower rods only), along with lower rods for the CTX 3030. Additionally, another batch of colored shafts for the Equinox will be available soon!


    Steve's Detector Rods, home of Equinox and CTX 3030 carbon-fiber shafts and rods
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