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Thread: Just try and tell me these places dont snoop first

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    Quote Originally Posted by TORRERO View Post
    I have bought and gone through many units as well over the years and this is in fact the case... legal liability would be huge... even if the facility that pilfered got nothing, the legal tenant could claim otherwise...
    the only acceptance to this might be, is when the facility has attempted in good faith to contact the tenants and they have been unable to for the two months required by law,.... they can be pretty sure no one is going to show up to claim anything... but that seems like a hassle as there are so many units to deal with... I can't see it so much..... more likely units are "staged" and resold so that a dealer can make money....
    I fill a unit up with garbage and get the manager to add my unit to the auction list... when its sold I split the money with the manager.. and you the buyer get a unit full of empty boxes.. hahaha This has happened before and the auctioneer and facility was sued... the buyer found out the auctioneer was the one who staged the unit and the facility went along ... I don't know the outcome but its possible the auctioneer lost her licence... anyway... Also people have been known to fill a unit, then default and let it go to auction, and if it sells high enough, the facility gets what they are owed and the renter gets the rest. Legal truth, when a unit is auctioned, the facility can only keep money that's owed, if the unit sells for more than what is owed that money goes back to the original renter, This is true...
    So then if the facility couldn't locate the tenant for the 2 months or whatever law states, before it can go to auction, what happens to the funds in excess of amount owed? Facility has already made reasonable attempt to make contact. How much longer are they required to hold the excess funds?
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    As treasure hunters we like to defy the odds and dream of the big score. The boring reality is owning (or leasing) the storage facility is the golden goose. We may find a few missed golden eggs but if we didn't enjoy the hunt then what's the point? Might as well just work for the man. I learned through owning property and having evicted people who abandoned their stuff, its way too much work to try to capitalize on other people's junk. I will do a quick inventory for bills, change jugs, jewelry and then its craiglist curbside. Get the next tenants in and thats the steady cash cow treasure for me. If I miss a month's rent at $1200 to turn a pile of junk into $300 I actually lose. Plus I already have hoarding instincts so I would likely die in an avalanche of detritus so I avoid storage places like the plague.
    I had a friend who had 3 storage units for 8 years. He was also a hoarder. He worked for a big name hardware store and kept odd tools supplies and equipment that were super discounted or headed to the scrap bin. Stuff people spend real money on when they need said item. One day he did the math and realized he had spent over $20,000 on those units and decided he was getting out. Being a fellow hoarder and good friend I said I'd help and he, being generous, gave me a 50/50 split. I spent a month first selling then giving away, then finding somewhere to dump the contents. In the end we turned the items into about $1200 and several of them found their way to my basement.
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