‘Low-Tech,’ ‘Old-Fashioned’ Way to Make DIY Gunpowder…Using Your Urine
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Thread: ‘Low-Tech,’ ‘Old-Fashioned’ Way to Make DIY Gunpowder…Using Your Urine

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    ‘Low-Tech,’ ‘Old-Fashioned’ Way to Make DIY Gunpowder…Using Your Urine

    ?Low-Tech,? ?Old-Fashioned? Way to Make DIY Gunpowder?Using Your Urine | Video | TheBlaze.com

    Jun. 15, 2015 2:28pm Liz Klimas

    How Cody from CodysLab on YouTube makes his own gunpowder is “low-tech,” “old-fashioned” and “natural.”

    Cody has a firearm to protect his expansive property and in the video he cited an example of when he’s been glad to have his gun.

    “I’ve never had to shoot anyone, but you know, if the world goes to hell you may have to,” he said.

    “I prefer something that can take them out from a long range,” he added, tapping the firearm slung over his shoulder. “I’m pretty good with it and I’ve got a lot of bullets saved up, but you know, I don’t have an unlimited supply. … So today I’m going to procure a supply of potassium nitrate so I can make gunpowder.”

    On a tarp, Cody laid down a pile of straw and added crushed limestone to it.

    “I need to add lots of nitrogen for the bacteria to oxidize and turn into nitrate. I could use fertilizer, but that’s going to get expensive … instead I’m going to use urine,” Cody said. “Basically all my pee that I’ll produce this summer is going to go into this pile.”

    Click image for larger version. 

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    After that though, he said it would need to sit for the rest of the year.

    In the end, Cody estimated that he’d get 10 to 12 grams of potassium nitrate from his DIY gunpowder endeavor.

    Cody had similar setup in a black trash bag aged 18 months that he tested for his viewers.

    He leeched out some of the product with water. He then added this liquid to wood ash, which he said contains sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate.

    After a few hours he had a less cloudy solution with solid products precipitated out. Cody boiled down the solution. The process continued as he refined his product, and Cody eventually ended up with some dry nitrate crystals.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	nitrate-crystals_1.jpg 
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    Collecting other ingredients — charcoal and sulfur — and adding them to nitrate crystals, Cody then demonstrated how his DIY gunpowder could shoot a lead ball out of his makeshift gun, a metal pipe that he loads musket style.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	gunpowder.jpg 
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    Check out his video:

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    You might find this useful: www.middelaldercentret.dk/pdf/Ho_report11.pdf
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    What I find useful is having enough gunpowder stored so I don't have to whiz in anything.
    It is even easier if shooting/reloading is your hobby.......
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    The problem with black powder is when you make "Corn Granular Crystals" and then try and grind them for "Good" black powder. The crystals are piezoelectric and can make their own "Spark" and blow up. That's why the normal life of a Fireworks factory is like 3 years. The stuff he is making will work, just not the range as what you can buy. Horse manure as it ages also is a source for KNO3. Just a few things I learned while still in H.S., a Loooooong time ago.

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    ‘Low-Tech,’ ‘Old-Fashioned’ Way to Make DIY Gunpowder…Using Your Urine

    Poor guy.

    Between his tough talk and all that pissing on a tarp - he must not have the time to find what he really needs - a freakin' girlfriend.

    But seriously,

    Here in my area, like numerous places elsewhere - the local confederate sympathizers utilized our caves/cavern systems to obtain bat guano for the sole purpose of refining for saltpetre/niter.

    Some are still utilized today for agriculture - fertilizer supplement.

    A lot of those same caves/caverns also hosted stills during Prohibition.

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