Safety While Hiking: Quicksand
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Thread: Safety While Hiking: Quicksand

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    Safety While Hiking: Quicksand

    Hello All,

    I am sure some of you are familiar with a deadly nemesis commonly referred to as quicksand.

    A recent couple in Zion National Park became to familiar with some.

    I recall a story long ago of a hunter coming across a bleached skull of a person who encountered quicksand in Arkansas. The deceased person had not been able to free themselves from the quicksand and died obviously by starvation. Its very real and it can take your life if you are not prepared.

    Here are some tips to avoid this deadly hazard: Make yourself as light as possible, toss your bag, jacket, and shoes. Try to take a few steps backwards. Keep your arms up and out of the quicksand. Try to reach for a branch or person's hand to pull yourself out. Take deep breaths. Move slowly and deliberately. Keep some para cord in an upper pocket and something that can be used as a grappling hook you can pull onto. Remember dying is not an option. Being calm and steady will help you survive. There are great reference materials on the internet. Reading them can help you or someone you like or love from being a victim of this naturally occurring menace.

    Be Safe


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    Good advice kinda like play dead if a near is chasing you he'll ole you sniff you knock you around That would be hard wrap your arms around his neck while choking it and ride in like an unbroken horse
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    I don't know if your familiar with the writer Edward Abby but in his book Desert Solitare, a collection of experiences, he tells of a time his buddy got stuck in quick sand and Edward thinks about if he should test the theory that, a person can't drown in quick sand.
    The thought process and his buddy yelling and carrying on was a riot.
    For those that like all the treasure hunting and the great SW will find his words gospel.
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