Gray Ghost Headphone cord question (probably any phones cord)
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    Gray Ghost Headphone cord question (probably any phones cord)

    My basic question is... How many wires are in the cord and would it be easy to cut and reconnect them?

    The problem is I'm going detecting first thing tomorrow and both my GG no down time cords have gone. I really want to use the phones I'm used to and one cord is bad at the plug, and the other going into the phones, so I hope to combine the two, to get me through the next month or so before Winter.

    We're going to a decent spot tomorrow and for me to change phones would be like switching detectors. Hope to get mine working.

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    Re: Gray Ghost Headphone cord question (probably any phones cord)

    IP.....I think there are three wires :P Both the sets went on mine at the plug in part of the Phones(top) but as you know I don't have this problem now with the cordeless as for cutting and reconecting they are very delicate(thin) you can buy the spare leads, but I know this doesn't help in the short term

    PS...shouldn't have sold the XP

    Don't piss down my back, then tell me it's raining.



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