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    new detector selection

    Hi! I am not a much of a tecno-geek but I Thought I would get a clearer answer from this forum. I am looking to upgrade to a unit that has a reasonable learning curve but is flexible enough to give room to grow over time. I will be using it for coins/relics/jewelry. Not gold prospecting but of course I want to find gold rings and such. I will be using it on land and at the beach including wet salt sand. I understand that a truly "all-purpose" machine probably does not exist but I will only be able at this point to invest in one machine, and one with a fairly comprehensive visual readout, target ID and depth ID. I am willing to give up a little on actual depth for ease of use and versatility in other areas. At the moment(this changes almost daily!) I have it narrowed down to the White's MXT, which according to many is not very good on the beach (can it be tweaked?) And the Fisher CZ-70. According to the Fisher literature their units are all good on both land and beach, but reading their itemized depth analysis, gold in any form is not even mentioned. I am brand new to this forum site, and any information to help clarify comparing the two would be helpful. thanks for such a great and informative forum!




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