M.D. Questions for the old timers
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    May 2005

    M.D. Questions for the old timers

    I'm thinking of getting back into the hobby. Me and a buddy used to do a lot of metal detecting together, he is deceased now unfortunately. I had a detector that I can't remember the name of it (about late 70's- early 80's), was based on the then technology called TR. My buddy had a modestly priced Garrett unit using I believe VLF. They worked a lot differently. Mine had a fast response and gave a continuous low background hum, his was generally quieter and slower to react. Mine always appeared to find more coins, but I wouldn't characterize it as being deep. If any of you are familiar with these old units (they were both discriminating units), how are the current brands and models different today in the way they operate? Everyone talks of sweeping speed for detection, these would detect moving or stopped. Do different brands still work a lot differently or are most detectors today of similar technology. I'm really not talking about the bells and whistles of each, but their basic operation principles. Any insight from you oldtimers would be appreciated.


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    Re: M.D. Questions for the old timers

    Never had just the tr but my 1st one in 78 was the garrett vlf/tr. The motion detectors of today are very deep. There getting to the point of how deep do you really feel like digging. Discrimination mode/ tr? is as deep as All metal/ vlf. Some it's deeper than vlf mode.
    Downside is cost and theres a definite learning curve on the top end models.
    ? Somewhat like learnig a computer. The lower priced units of todays brands are far deeper than the old vlf/tr and are nearly turn on and go. The days of whipping the coil side to side on the old motion machines is long gone. The ones of today you can almost stop and get the signal in disc.
    Very slow sweep speeds.?The majority of todays detectors are motion machines. Back then they were looking for the same goal but approaching from different angles. Sames true today, but the differences are much more suttle. Whites, Fisher, Tesoro and Garrett are all still here and still at the top. But there's other makes now that are giving them a run for the money. Not to try to get you to buy one, but don't over look Minelab detectors. A fairly recent entry from Australlia. There right at the top with the other companys i listed. A little pricier but have proved there worth. One of the hotest sellers right now. I have 2 Minelabs and a Whites Dfx. All great detectors. Hope this helps Happy Hunting



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