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Thread: Using A Psychic to help locate treasure?

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    If they were any good at it, wouldn’t they all be rich by now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by relicmeister View Post
    If they were any good at it, wouldn’t they all be rich by now?
    DING! DING! DING! We have the winning answer!
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    Just face it, almost every single so-called psychic (or anyone invloved is psychic type stuff like map dowsing) is a charlatan. It's not like they are all trying to be dishonest, just that they are disillusioned. Jusr about every one of the "famous" psychics have been exposed. Sure, a few are criminals and trying to steal a treasure site, but others just are hoping something of value is found and they get a share of it por write a book on it. Of course you have to do all the work and take all the risks on the wild goose chase/snipe hunt.

    And just because someone has the best gold nugget metal detector in the world does not mean they are destined to be rich, even for those who have mastered the equipment. Same with any electronic gold locating equipment/LRL's.
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    Ouija Board and map dowsing , one and the same. Just tape a map onto the Ouija Board and you have map dowsing.
    Works great if you like wild goose chases and snipe hunts!

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