Extreme EMI hunting deep targets
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    Extreme EMI hunting deep targets

    I have a unique and very challenging site that can be very productive when hunted properly. This area has been hunted ALOT, and in combination with environmental factors like soil type and moisture content, finds are DEEP. The terrain is southern coastal pine/swampy creeks, tough digging.

    The biggest challenge here, and why it still contains finds, is the huge power lines that run in the area just kill most machines depth. My first time here, I took the t2 with dst off and it was nearly unusable. I then returned on my next visit with the GoldBug Pro with cors 12x13 coil. It immediately was able to run at max gain. I recovered many bullets on the first visit with the t2, after turning on dst, but only down to about 8-10Ē, and they were on steep slopes where people donít hunt. With the gold bug I have tuned my ears to a beautiful whisper that produces a deep mini ball nearly every time. I have started taking a ruler and usually I can put the whole ruler in the hole by the time I reach the bullet. Many times with 2-3 inches over the ruler. Itís because of the amazing sand soil.

    Hereís how it goes, faint repeatable target, If ID even touches upper 70s just once, kick back pine straw and re check, if itís a bit better, for sure diggin. The depth has amazed me. Iíve dug deeper than I ever thought I would with that gold bug.

    I need to be able to get the T2 in this area as it punches a mile further when in another site, free of emi. BP, disc 10, SENS 85 is a bullet killer. Good deep signals on a 14Ē mini ball. I have a detech 13 but seriously doubt it will handle the extreme emi.

    Iím having success here because Iím hunting where other guys canít or wonít deal with the site conditions. 19khz is a beautiful frequency. I have now recovered 47 bullets of various .58 and .69 variety. 10 cleaner bullet bases. 6 percussion caps. A shenkl artillery fuse. A frag of 100 lb parrot shell. 2 period small gauge rail spikes.

    I would LOVE a G2+ with BP and water proofed. The audio and disc are just perfect. I do believe the main reason I get the signal is the ďhaloĒ of the target, undisturbed for 155 years. Once I break the dirt and start to dig, the machine wonít hear it anymore, so then dig until the pointer hits on something. Itís been a deep mini at least 85% of the time. Iím glad to finally reach a point where I KNOW my technique is good enough to get fringe targets other guys are passing up. Just thought I would share. Hoping FT gets a new land machine soon. WE NEED SELECTABLE FREQUENCY T2 PLATFORM, WATERPROOF, DEEPER ADJUSTMENTS FOR SITE SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE. WE WILL PAY FOR IT!! ARE YOU LISTENING? I really donít want to buy a foreign machine, but at this point one might add more relics to the shelf. Which is the whole idea...

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