"difficult to believe" - round 2
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Thread: "difficult to believe" - round 2

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    "difficult to believe" - round 2

    As previously posted, Metal Detecting Stuff of Spring, Tx. had been asked to assist in locating buried jugs of coins. On our first trip we found 2, a 5 gallon glass jug filled with modern coins, and a similar 1 gallon plastic jug with mostly quarters and halves. There are/were 7 buried containers of coins on the location. The folks had preciously dug 2 of them. One spot had 2 bags of 1000 silver quarters in each along with a 2 lb silver bar. The other was a PVC piped filled with coins.

    Yesterday, after getting a tractor to move some logs and debris, we dug a 1 gallon plastic 'paint style' bucket, turned upside down with lid on, about 30" to 36" deep, with 500 silver halves in it. From the early 1920's up to a couple of 64 Kennedy halves. Lots and lots of Walkers.

    The group of guys were using mostly Garrett stuff, the ATpros, and a Garrett Treasure Hound, one Fisher F-2 and I was using the CTX. The Treasure Hound was the only machine that could hit the deep stuff. The Pro and the CTX would register intermittent hits but nothing to warrant digging. The CTX in Auto Sensitivity, +3, was running at about 29-19 in the open areas and still would only give a faint intermittent blip. In manual at 30, it still would not give a signal warranting a dig. On the 5 gallon jug 2 weeks ago, which was at about 18" it was hitting a solid penny range, 12-41/43, at max depth, 12".

    2 more jugs to go but we are struggling to find them and are thinking about some sort of GPR. Maybe getting our hands on one of the new Garrett ATX machines, but that is proving extremely hard as Garrett is hanging on to them pretty tight! It would certainly be a nice 'proof' video for the ATX to come in and detect the two remaining jugs.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image2.jpeg 
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Name:	image4.jpeg 
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Name:	image3.jpeg 
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Name:	500 halves (9).JPG 
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Name:	500 halves (6).JPG 
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    Part one:

    Part two
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    Super thats great

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    WW!! Super wow!

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    That is difficult to believe!!

    Very cool story and pics!

    “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” - Ron Paul



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