Wild Good Chase?
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    Mar 2009

    Wild Good Chase?

    Alright, here goes. I'm 26 and fed up with the daily "rat-race" and with things going the way they are, I'm ready to give everything up. Sometime late spring, I plan on leaving St. Louis and go placer prospecting for a year while living off the land in whatever way I can make it. Trapping small game, netting fish and eating whatever edible plants I come by. The only thing I'll bring is what I can carry on my back since I'll be hiking it wherever I go. Trying to stay away from the roads as much as possible. No gold or gems on a paved road, right?
    Anyways, I'm new to prospecting and was maybe looking for some pointers or advice for a new guy. So far, my plan is to head down towards the Asheville, NC and search within a 100 mile radius in the mountains and foothills. When winter creeps in I'm looking to hike it to Georgia or Alabama. Hopefully will be warm enough I can get some panning in until the spring comes back. Then it's back up north if no luck. Anyone know of any good spots I won't get shot at around Asheville? Maybe someone with a claim who can't afford to get out 7 days a week? I'll gladly give a decent percentage. Actually, could be anywhere in the U.S. as long as I can feed myself.
    I know it sounds a little loopy, but I really have nothing to lose and couldn't be any worse off than I am now. Only live once so I'm getting what I can out of it. If I have any success at all, I think I might make it a permanent thing. I'm no Grizzly Adams but I can sure give it a shot. Hoping to hear from you guys and good luck with your prospecting.

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    keep on diggin!!

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    Re: Wild Good Chase?

    don't know anything about prospecting, but wishing you the best of luck in your trip...gregg

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    Re: Wild Good Chase?

    make sure your survival gear is good and good luck

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    Enjoy the dig, treasure the time

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    Hey! I found a .........

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    Re: Wild Good Chase?

    Wow, sounds like my favorite movie, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre", although a different time and place. Wish I could be the old man that shows where to find the gold!
    Anyway, I'm envious of you. Good luck!

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    Re: Wild Good Chase?

    Word of faith!!! Keep it. You only live once. If you feel that strong about what your doing then go for it. Are you treasure hunting with any type of electronic's? are you going to have a radio? What survival gear are you taking Check out the local Law enforcement agents. They will look after you if you give them your details. Unless your wanted and running... But it sounds like you have a grasp of what you would like to do, and are willing to just do it.

    Good Luck!!

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    wolf pack!!!

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    Re: Wild Good Chase?

    Go for it Bro, but remember Better men than us have died seeking such a adventure, Dont count on getting rich or youll be misrable.
    Leave no stone unturned.



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