March - Silver, Coppers, Buttons, Complete Colonial Buckle...
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    May 2008
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    March - Silver, Coppers, Buttons, Complete Colonial Buckle...

    March 11th, 2012

    I hit a spot today that has yielded Victorian goodies in the past... 4 pieces of Silver Flatware... 1922 CT Bicycle Champoinship Metal, Tokens, etc....

    I nabbed 18 quarters on this hunt... This location is used for sporting activities now... so there is lots of modern goodies mixed in with the red brick and oryster shells...

    About an hour in I for a strange signal @ 4-5" that was mostly 12/46, but jumped around... I was happy to see the sterling halmark...

    15 minutes later I got another 12/46 (solid) @ 3-4"...

    I even got an eye ball keeper :-)

    March 17th, 2012

    I got out to two stops today... First one was a public location that has yielded a bunch of silver in the past... I nabbed a few wheaties for the jar...

    Then I hit a private yard I worked a few times...

    Took a while to find some old dirt at this colonial house... but once I did...

    Out popped this Jersery Copper... It was only 3-4" down... Nice and shallow... but there is not much left to it...

    But Enough to ID It... and you can see the 78 in the middle if the date at the bottom...

    Not long after and 10 yards away popped up this smaller copper... but there is nothing I see here to ID.... *shrug*

    March 18th, 2012

    I got out for a 5 hour hunt today... and I was in a 100X100 spot all day... Once I found a nice big button and I kept getting decent to great signals and stayed working that area...

    The Button that started it all... was at the base of a small tree... 5-6" down...

    Not long after that 12/26 @ 5" on a pathway... (Small button in totals picture) Treble Colour Gilt writtin on back...

    about 2 hours into the hunt... crazy signal... that mostly said 10/31, but went from 1/46 to the jumpiest signal I've ever seen... and it was 2" down... I thought it was junk... but in my head was Coinnut telling me to dig it like it was colonial... after all you are next to a 1705 Tavern...

    Does it get any prettier than this ??

    I did a light water toothbrush rinse... that applied some Renaissance Wax... She is SA-WEEET ! :-)

    30 minutes later... I got a nice 8/24 9/24 on a section walked to the house... 5" down... I think if I do anything to it... all will be lost.... Looks like 1862... She is a fatty...

    My last target was only a few inches down as well... #2 Crotal Bell...

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    Mar 2008
    upstate ny
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    Re: March - Silver, Coppers, Buttons, Complete Colonial Buckle...

    sweet buckle.
    hard to beat finding one of those intact.
    dirty pennies...

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    Re: March - Silver, Coppers, Buttons, Complete Colonial Buckle...

    Great digs Paul, love the dandy button and the shoe buckle!
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    Re: March - Silver, Coppers, Buttons, Complete Colonial Buckle...

    Great finds and a really nice buckle.. You had a great day...........

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    real pirate

    May 2011
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    Re: March - Silver, Coppers, Buttons, Complete Colonial Buckle...

    cool spike antler

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    Re: March - Silver, Coppers, Buttons, Complete Colonial Buckle...

    dang!! amazing finds...especially that buckle!! that thing is so cool...still waiting to find one!

    Keep it up!

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    Re: March - Silver, Coppers, Buttons, Complete Colonial Buckle...

    Nice finds
    If it sounds good, Dig It

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    Paul, nice shoe buckle, cannot help you on the toasted copper, looks too far gone for any type of ID by the photo. The NJ copper looks like I see a 7 at the end, so probably is a 1787, variety, perhaps I might get, but do not think enough of the right details are showing in the photos.

    "The mantra has always been don't clean a (copper) coin or it will lose value.
    For undug coins this is true. For dug coins this is untrue.
    The value will increase with judicious cleaning."

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    lost hunter
    great finds



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