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Thread: Im dying a HAPPY Man

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    Mar 2010
    Gardners, PA
    Tejon, F-75
    22 times

    I'm dying a HAPPY Man

    Dropped the son off in town, and a little time to spare. Could have went back to the garage and work on the garden tractor but I had my trusty Tejon with me. So I decided to pay a visit to a park I had hit hard in the past. This time, I turned my attention to another area, just hoping for coin. In fact I turned the descrimination up to accept only coin, there was too much trash to wade through for the time that I did have. So off I go working around the entrance to the pool, parking lot, started out with dimes, looked like a dime day. I crossed the road to continue, and my day turned to a quarter day, reaped a dozen or more. It is the rare day I get that many in such short time. Nice and sunny, no one bothering me, just about perfect. Well my day was about to go from very nice to freaking AWESOME.....what should appear....a hammered spannish silver cob. Not having my glasses I did not inspect it closely. Once I got to a picnic table, and some good light I came to the realization of what I had. Sent a very poor phone picture to a buddy just get his opinion. I could not believe it.

    Check it out.....I have no idea on the age, so if you have knowledge about it please chime in.

    I continued on who knows what would be next, reaped a few more George's, but there was a cop in the parking lot and most of the people had left after a baseball game. No way was I going to give him a chance to ruin my day. I packed it up and went to get god pictures.
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    Jul 2011
    250 times
    Metal Detecting
    Can't say anything except congrats big time on that find!

    Just curious...how far back does your town date to?
    How old is the park?
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    I'm not sure how to start this one, but will with saying are you sure it's real? You know copies are probably posted 100 times more often than a genuine 8 reale cob found on land. Literally at least 100 times.
    Last edited by Iron Patch; Apr 21, 2012 at 11:24 AM.

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    Mar 2010
    Gardners, PA
    Tejon, F-75
    22 times

    Not that old

    Not that far back, perhaps 1760 at the earliest , the park has been hunted hard in some parts, I must have found the right spot. Here in central PA most people associate way back history as to the civil war and the rebel occupation of the local towns, I try to go further back in time for my relic hunts. This was just a walk in the park day.....who would have thought. Park is perhaps 70 years old, maybe a 100. All I have been hoping for is a seated dime, last year several of my friends were on a seated dime kick, I found only a few mercs, was a bad year. This one is way better.

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    Mar 2010
    Gardners, PA
    Tejon, F-75
    22 times
    No, I am just learning about them, but really, even the original minters were faking them. It is silver and it has many of the markings. I will be weighing it sometime soon. Of 100 people claiming to be experts on this, I would venture that 90-95 are not up to the task. So I will have do some investigating. That will take time off of scouting for old groves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Patch View Post
    I'm not sure how to start this one, but will with saying are you sure it's real? You know copies are probably posted 100 times more often than a genuine 8 reale cob found on land. Literally at least 100 times.
    Sadly, there is no other nicer way of saying it.

    At least it gave you a thrill, it won't take long to get the answer

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    Nov 2011
    9 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Good report!!! Congrat!

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    Aug 2008
    25 times
    Yeah well, at least it was cool to find.

    It's trying hard to be an early Potosi cob, but it just looks like one of those wax pen immitations.

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    Feb 2012
    North Pole
    Sovereign GT and Excalibur II, Whites, Garrett, Fisher, Alert, MD,Cscope,Tesoro, Compas, XP, Long Rs
    2375 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Mar 2007
    Tesoro Tejon, Garrett Ace 350.
    4 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Nice 4 reales! Awesome dude!
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    Dec 2006
    Ocean City, Md
    XP Deus. Have Blisstool V6 but only used once.
    1305 times
    Relic Hunting
    Banner Finds (2)
    Now that my friend is an unreale find! Oblivion mint?
    Last edited by gwdigger; Apr 21, 2012 at 01:10 PM.

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    Jun 2007
    MA NH seacoast
    what ever works
    37 times
    I hope for your sake IP is wrong , but he realy knows his coins.

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    Mar 2012
    Owen County Kentucky
    Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector
    3 times
    Metal Detecting
    good find i hope its real! HH


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    Mar 2009
    Cedar Rapids Iowa
    GTP1350 Garrett, Xterra 705 gold pack and ace250!
    3 times
    Cool find, Congrats


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