Youve got to be kidding . . . .
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    Big Diggin

    You've got to be kidding . . . .

    Now I know it's getting close to Valentines Day. I was out in my yard for about 30 minutes this morning. Still not finding anything but old tools (shovel head, Axe head, tractor plowing blades, etc.). Still searching for that old coin, lost jewelry, Civil War relic, etc. But still no luck.

    Got a strong Quarter hit on my Ace 250. No matter which way I swung the coil it would register a Quarter. I just knew I had finally found a coin.

    Dug down 7-8" and found this old piece of rusted metal that someone had formed into a heart.

    Oh well, thanks to the encouragement of everyone here at TN, I'll continue searching.

    I'll try posting pics.

    Thanks for looking & Happy Huntin'

    Big Diggin

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    Big Diggin

    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    Pic . . .
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    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    Keep swinging...there's got to be a coin in the mix somewhere!
    Finder of Things!

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    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    Yeah, there's got to be some goodies there. Don't give up on the goodies.
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    Sep 2006
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    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    Nice heart shaped valentine!

    Hey, that other metal thing in the picture... I've dug tons of those! Some say Coke... or Pepsi... your find is in uncrushed and remarkable condition!

    And I agree with the others, keep diggin... it's out there!

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    Please leave a ring after the beep!

    Sep 2004
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    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    I think the heart is a very cool find! It's very unusual and fun to have found it close to Valentine's Day.

    Don't get discouraged've got to get all the "junk" out first....then the treasures will flow. Good luck.
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    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    Wow, you really do have a BIG heart.
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    Gypsyheart~ Queen of Rust

    Nov 2005
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    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    I love the Heart stuff...To think that someone was so in love that they took the time to make that...perfect!
    I go a great distance,while some are considering whether they will start today or tomorrow

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    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    awwww your all heart!

    TRUST ME... the coins will come. I have the Ace250 and I have found mostly coins, nothing old yet but I haven't really been able to get out anywhere good to hunt.

    I took off my wedding ring and put it on the ground thinking it would read as a pull didn't it reads as a nickel, so when I get a chance I am going to take a few rings and see what they register as. (Maybe I need to take my ring to the jewelers to make sure hubby didn't stiff me)


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    Aug 2005
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    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    Nice find. Seeing the Ginger ale can reminds me of when I was almost kicked off a greyhound bus for drinking Vernors Ginger Ale. The bus driver thought it was beer. This was back in the fifties.
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    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    I agree with gypsy, what story that heart could tell if it could.
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    Update: 10/3/17 moving into a 31' class A, traveling the country treasure hunting, who knows might just be in your neck of the woods one day.

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    Oct 2006
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    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    Neat find! Your sweetheart buried that heart just for you to find for Valentines.

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    Big Diggin

    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    Thanks to all for your nice replies.

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    Aug 2006
    The hills of central Kentucky
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    Re: You've got to be kidding . . . .

    Well you obviously have probably the most important part of finding good stuff and that is a lot of heart. You really need to practice up before you dive into a heavy trash area. Start trying to determine the size of the target with your detector. Work your way around the target and try and visulaize the target by using the depth reading in conjunction with the size of the area that is setting the detector off. Picture your coil with a funnel on the bottom of it,where your coil shapes the top of the funnel. The funnel is as tall as your coil is wide,and the bottom of it is about the size of a quarter. If your coil is 8 inches wide then your detector is seeing an area the size of a quarter at 8 inches. If your detector is showing something at 6 inches that is setting the detector off in an area the size of a platter its probably not a good target,HH...Shoot



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