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Thread: HOW did this survive 150 years in a Virginia Trench??!?

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    Apr 2012
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    Must have been heavily greased... The condition of the wood for reference does indicate that it also survived rotting completely tho... Awesome!
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    Jan 2014
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    I am DEFINITELY no expert when it comes to CW relics. But I've been looking at the finds on here now for over 4 months. I see lots and lots of 3 ringer bullets but have never, ever seen one intact like that one. I have to vote BANNER for this amazing find.

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    Jun 2012
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    Holy crap thats awesome! In my opinion way better than any coin, man the history that bullet could tell. Way to go, this gets a banner vote from me!
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    Jul 2008
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    I recently found one with just a tiny remnant of the paper remaining... But yours blows it away. Very, very nice find- glad you could extract it intact!

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    Outstanding to say the least. That is way cool. Super CW history right there.
    Come on BANNER!!!!
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    Feb 2013
    Luzerne County, Pa
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    Well, Sir, Guess what. I am casting my very first banner vote in your favor. I have been reading this forum for over a year now and never felt I had enough knowledge in the matter to cast a serious vote. Your finds are so incredibly special and rare, I feel I am duty-bound to make the call. Those are finds of a lifetime!
    My very first banner vote was made!
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    Jul 2013
    Rockland County, NY
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    That's just awesome. I've yet to find any type of bullet, but an intact one like that, and over 12 more, in one day? Epic!
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    Aug 2009
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    Think about it,its not as strange as you think.You want strange,heres strange.A TRex was found,one of the best specimens ever found.So well preserved in fact that bits of soft tissue was still found on it.Not shooting your find down by any means,just something for everybody to think about.

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    Feb 2013
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    Man, THANKS everybody! Because of your very kind words - and especially your INTEREST . . . (That's what I like the most, when people appreciate the same things I do) whether it makes it to the banner or not, I'm just really tickled that you got as big a kick out of it, as I did. I have one other like this one, but the back had broken open and the powder had spilled out. The big difference between the two though? The other one was found by DAD in the 1960s!! Fifty more years having passed, I had no idea any were still left. To address some of your comments, yes, I have found a few more bullets in wood in recent months. I think the great preservation is due to good old Virginia SANDY soil. Everything drains so well. Especially trenches. With the BIW, my theory is that when the bullet hit the wood, it was HOT. I think it heated the sap and created a man-made "knot," if you will. All these recent BIW were out of trenches. I'm sure these were from felled trees piled on top of earthworks. The tree rotted away, and all that's left is the "man-made knot" with the bullet inside. Strangely, most of mine are in (if you can believe this) PINE! I think because pine knots are so full of turpentine I guess? You know how long pine knots survive . . .

    About the Kepi pin . . . I'm going to post that separately, because Cannonball Guy (a resident expert on T-net about all things Civil War) wrote and said (quote)

    "Yes, it is a civil war Maryland Calvert Bottony Cross pin, used by Confederate Maryland units.
    Maryland Botonee Cross

    Yes, it is VERY rare... because there were very few such units. One was the (CS) 4th Maryland Artillery. Your Maryland Cross pin is required uniform equipment for re-enactor members of that unit. As that unit's website says, it was worn on the jacket or kepi.
    4th Maryland Light Artillery

    Info regarding the Confederate usage of the Calvert bottony cross on the current Maryland state flag:
    Maryland State Flag History
    Flag of Maryland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

    Thank you sincerely for all the banner votes. That was really cool to hear!

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    Feb 2013
    Luzerne County, Pa
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    still surprised the pin did not receive Banner - it is a rare find, 10Xs more than the bullet. I see bullets with the powder/skin dug about once or twice a year, which is rare. I have only see one of those dug pins ever - until now.
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    Nov 2012
    New Orleans
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    Very awesome bullets
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    Sep 2011
    Southwest, CT
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    Amazing Finds! Vote cast. Come on Banner!
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    Aug 2011
    Rappahannock County, Virginia, CSA
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    Long time lurker- rare poster.....when I saw this image in the banner at the top of the page I instantly thought "Confederate Maryland relics!"

    The cross botony is most certainly Confederate and would be valuable. I am a native of Maryland, with my great great grandfather having been a civilian blockade runner on the Chesapeake (for Richmond) during the War for Southern Independence- so I LOVE THIS ARTIFACT!!!

    I keep an archive of eBay sales of Maryland confederate items on my computer at home and have never seen one come up for sale. I have seen war-era silk ribbons with the cross go for several hundred dollars. I will check a reference at home to see if I can find anymore info on this piece- but I do know that not many of any form of these crosses survived to present day.
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    Oct 2011
    Keystone state
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    well i shall have to buy you the beer dang that is one heck of a save i thank you for sharing it with us


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