My friends find treasure, I find junk
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Thread: My friends find treasure, I find junk

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    Sorry Honey, I canít. Iíve got plans with my metal detector.

    Nov 2013
    Mountain Maryland
    Garrett AT Pro, AT Max
    15342 times
    Metal Detecting
    Banner Finds (2)
    Honorable Mentions (3)

    My friends find treasure, I find junk

    Take a look at this crap
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0436.JPG 
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ID:	1209036

    Even the picture sucks

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    Coin licker

    Jun 2013
    New Jersey
    Minelab Excalibur II XP Deus Garrett pro pointer XP Deus MI-6 pinpointer
    11093 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Have a little gratitude Dave, there is a few good finds in there?
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    I love this hobby so much, now I'm a coin licker!

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    Feb 2008
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Whites, MXT.
    5221 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Is the pickle fork silver ? , what about the dime ?
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    Jul 2013
    Three White's, one Fisher and a Minelab.....I'm beginning to wonder if I am a metal detectorist .....or a collector of metal detectors?
    570 times
    Metal Detecting
    Dave, it was a good day. You woke up and got worries my friend

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    Feb 2014
    Martinsburg, Pa. in the summer and Apache Junction, Az in the winter
    Whites Spectrum XLT, Garrett AT Pro, Macro pinpointer, Garrett carrot pinpointer, Lesch digger, Nel Tornado coil for ATPro
    6066 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    Doesn't look too bad to me. A neat little toy car, a silver Rosie, and maybe a silver fork.
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    Oct 2010
    The Garden State
    Minelab Explorer SE Pro & CTX-3030
    2216 times
    Metal Detecting
    Banner Finds (2)
    Quote Originally Posted by BigWaveDave View Post
    Take a look at this crap

    Even the picture sucks
    This is a funny post! Have you been ?? LOL

    So what did your friends find?
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    Nov 2010
    XP Deus, ATPro
    7220 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Banner Finds (1)
    Honorable Mentions (2)
    If you want to see actual crap, I'll show you a pic of the 200 junk targets I dug today lol. I'd say you had a pretty good day!

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    Jul 2014
    Keene, New Hampshire
    Bounty Hunter Quick Silver,Tesoro Silver Sabre uMax.
    1606 times
    Metal Detecting
    Boo hoo.."I only got one silver, a cool fork, and a few other things" . I got a whole $0.44 to go with my ox shoe today and I'm happy with it. Just do what I do BWD, set low expectations and you will never be disappointed.

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    Charter Member

    May 2012
    25374 times
    Dave, eat a Snickers!

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    Jan 2013
    Kalamazoo co. MI
    1 Minelab CTX3030, 2 Garrett AT Gold, Garrett ACE 350, 2 Bounty Hunter tracker IV,BH Junior, 2 Garrett pro pointers a family adventure!!
    650 times
    Metal Detecting
    Lol beats what I got today.
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    Apr 2015
    Old Compass, I have 3 of them!!
    1336 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    That long fork may belong to a pickle caster jar, their almost always missing the fork.

    Attachment 1209130 Attachment 1209131
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    Feb 2013
    Luzerne County, Pa
    Fisher F75, Garrett ATPro, Garrett GTAx 500
    9356 times
    Metal Detecting
    Honorable Mentions (2)
    You're right Marsha...the picture DOES suck!

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    Charter Member

    Aug 2014
    Bahia Del Espiritu Santo - "Bay of the Holy Spirit”
    JW 8X V.2 - ML X2 - VP 580
    68992 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    There comes a time and many times thereafter in a MDrs "career"...
    When frustration and irritation collide with hopes and dreams.

    In other words...
    Smashing a detector across a tree may enter your mind... But rest assured this will pass...

    I tell other MDrs that are relatively "newer" to Mding is... Patience... Planning... and determination are keys to the kingdom of finds.

    In your case Dave beings your are in the Ft Myers area your "areas" and "planning" perhaps "limit" you to some degree...
    I actually am quite familiar with the Myers history... as well as surrounding areas...
    Back in the 70's and 80's I know MANY detectorists wailed that area...
    Sheesh you even had a VERY successful famous treasure hunter as neighbor who recently passed there.
    He retired there and hobbied that area for years as well.

    Mding is like fishing... Its all in the "spot"... and situation.
    Other factors also always play a part as well... unlike fishing... the detector used and its settings are also a MAJOR part in this...
    In fishing the pole matters... but not as much as "your pole" does like detecting.

    Beach detecting is your best bet in your area Dave.
    Your "general" area is rich in history and has been inhabited forever and is older than St. Augustine...
    Your "spots" VIA your finds appear to be "mid century dry spots"...
    These produce the types of finds you have posted thus far.

    Now not saying you will not find ... OR have not found "good stuff"... you are just finding "typical" MD stuff.
    These items you are finding are perfect actually...
    This means your detector is at least responsive to metallic items.
    WHICH... is a start.
    You just have to have that coil over THE spots.
    In order for that to happen...
    "think outside the box" mentality will HAVE to happen... AND a little "luck" of the spirit of yester years.

    I have had my eyes water from frustration many times in my early years.
    But then...
    It happens...
    Bam ya hit.
    DETECT WITH RESPECT - Have permission... Fill holes... Dispose of trash. - The Random Chat Thread -

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    Feb 2009
    Deus, Minelab 3030, E-Trac,
    28238 times
    Relic Hunting
    I see a silver dime there so that doesn't suck, or is it there for sizing?

    Mind you digging down 18-24" for a 50cal. sucks, especially when you already know what the target is.
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    Nov 2014
    7286 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Banner Finds (1)
    Quite your crying!!!! I had to work. Even a bad day is better than that.:beer::beer::thumbup:
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