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Thread: Very Successful Scouting Mission - BIG Hammered Time!!!

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    Very Successful Scouting Mission - BIG Hammered Time!!!

    We have put our new known Roman site to one side for the last few outings but we will return Monday to scoop up a few more scrappies.

    This year we have the most amount of cultivated Winter options than ever before, as many of the farmers are changing to Spring Drilling. This has put our heads on a swivel trying to think which of the options to target. Most of them are shot-in-the-dark's, as they have little or no good research 'hits' or low yield areas.

    Today we took a big risk as I wanted to try a field that we scouted before & came up with a near blank. There is a Church on the high ground but very little around it. Today I did the opposite of our last try & moved down the hill away from the Church & towards where we have researched the Medieval houses were.(in the next field)

    I asked Cru'dad to try the high ground again whilst I put my plan into action. It was only about 10 minutes in when I got a tiny piece of Saxon Equal-Armed Brooch. This was enough for me to start my gridding which later produced the Saxon Strap-end. Now I'm thinking a Sceat is on the cards & carried on. Cru'dad then joined the grid for some time & no other Saxon items turned up (but 1 smashed hammered), so I decided to carry on down the slope along a direction I thought might be the old route. Bang straight into another hammered (short-cross). Gridded that area, not much, so carried on with Cru'dad deliberately spaced some distance away. I was ahead as usual & heard Cru'dad get a sweet signal which made me want to double back past him up the hill. Nothing, so turned back around again, by then Cru'dad had pocketed the bit of lead (oh well), I then I got a great signal & dug my best Groat ever!(very lucky, as a piece of lead triggered my find without it I was heading away from it) Of course we gridded around it & decided to call the hunt to an end at the 3 hour point & go & look at our Archie Trench, as he had not seen it yet.

    1690-1720 Buckle
    Medieval Cauldron Foot
    Lead Stylus
    Circa 8th C Saxon Strap-end (Design I need)
    Bit of a Saxon Equal-Armed Brooch
    Ed I? Penny
    King John Cut-Half Penny
    Edward III 1354-55 Groat (my best example by a long way)

    All 3 hammered's fell to me, it was pay back time for Cru'dad beating me last outing.
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    wow really great hunt that coin looks killer!!!
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    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing
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    Love that big hammered!
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    Once again Congrats Cru. On some real nice saves.
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    Nice hammered, Cru. Congrats.
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    Aug 2018
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    Congrats Cru and Merry Christmas! Tis the season when we hunted the deer and cut the greens! The catch was, you had to know where the deer were! Obviously, your kin did! With respects!
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    Congrats Crusader. nice finds!!!
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    Awesome CRU thanks for always sharing!!!!!!
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    Nice finds man. Always enjoy seeing your digs.
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    Dec 2011
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    well found. Awesome hunt Cru.
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    Awesome finds! Love that big hammered!
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    Feb 2013
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    That is some nice detail, great shape
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    Awesome finds again! That is a fantastic looking coin! Congrats!


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