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Thread: Jackpot! Untouched Colonial Homestead and a Colonial Copper Cache!!!

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    Jan 2018
    Central Massachusetts
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    DAMN!!!! That is a dream day for sure and it looks like your research definitely paid off. I have a buddy in upstate NY who recently had a day like that in an old farm field, 25 coppers in a weekend. Outstanding job sir AND I’m free all next week(;
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    Jun 2017
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    What a great day! This is one of the best write ups. I could sense the excitement. It’s a very educational post. Flabbergasted I am! Congratulations!

    PS~. Thank you for giving so much detail.
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    Jun 2020
    Lincolnton, GA.
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    Amazing finds! And a great detailed write-up! Congrats!
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    Oct 2009
    East Dirtyville
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    the site...the finds....the post...all equally impressive!
    You are living the dream!
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    Those are some amazing looking colonial coppers! Big congrats!
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    Jul 2020
    Grand Rapids Michigan
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    Beautiful coins. Congrats.
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    Jul 2020
    An old radio shack, simplex
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    Banner vote is in! That is an insane haul!!
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    Aug 2017
    SW Missouri/Oklahoma
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    Super!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Awesome stuff!!!
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    Feb 2017
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    That’s truly a site that we all wish to find.
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    Aug 2014
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    I would be all over that spot like stink on ___.
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    May 2008
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    Holy Smokes Paleo! That is indeed a hunt that us cellar hole hunters dream about ! Awesome coppers in great shape, a USA button, Spanish silver, ornate shoe buckles and buttons! The only thing missing is a flowing hair half disme . That Nova is almost as cool though. If this hunt isn't on the Banner soon, I am taking my toys and going home.

    We all know how hard it is to find a virgin site these days.......I am guessing there were no stone walls to give this site away? Yep, I would work that site for years to come. It will keep giving.
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    That's the spot most detectorists will spend their lives looking to find. Finding an early state-issued copper in well-preserved condition is a win-win. To find so many coins is win-win-winning. Most coppers, including well-preserved coppers usually bear one side with more deterioration than the opposite side; your coins are the rare exception, so indeed the soil was quite benign. Well-deserved banner vote submitted not only for these tremendous recoveries, but for all the effort with this exceptional post in providing all the right details, excellent photos, and detailed information on the coppers - date, variety, and so forth. .
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    Oct 2007
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    Aaaaamazing! Congrats on a spectacular haul.
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    Oct 2012
    Fisher F5, T2SE, F2 for the boys, XP Deus
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    Beyond Cloud 9!!!!!!! I can't say enuff about the finds but the Research for the road, house sites, cemetery and families is Awesome as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATZ MAXX!!!!!!!!!
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    Sep 2020
    new england
    SE PRO, Safari, Excalibur II, Garrett gold scorpion, Whites PI
    100 times
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    Amazing! Research, recovery and conservation.
    Pure inspiration!
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