Busy busy but managed a century
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    Sep 2006
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    Busy busy but managed a century

    From the land of the Bluenose.....night shift was over and I was up before noon to go golf egg whacking for the United Way. Good cause so Dad who was kind enough to fill in for an ailing Frank rounded out our foursome.

    Of course all the duty managers of the airport showed up dressed to feed the hoards of bugs waiting for a good meal!

    "Big Daddy" walks up the golf egg holder and wacks one out of sight!

    The " The Three Golfer Egg Wackers of the Apocalypse" look in utter astonishment as the Bluenoser steps to the tee and wacks one straight as an arrow 100 yards into the woods!
    All in all a good outing with my coworkers feeling the lack of sleep catching up with them by the end of the day! I was too tired to go a digging and hit the sack.

    Next day waking refreshed I hit an island on the south shore not far from my home town and had the place to myself and the foresters who were busy shaving the island of every tree so here is a few photos of the other side.

    Anyway it was 4 hours of bliss with the century being had. Take for the day was a toasty 1840 Thistle token, key,fork,a pair of kid's earings,pipe, a key chain dewy game, small can of Dr. Pepper that I couldn't even get a drop out of and 103 coins @ $7.66.

    Of course this bouy was not off the hook that evening as the annual awards dinner was on hand and Marie was standing me up for some guy that played a piano named Elton John...can you believe it? So I looked in my old "black book' and found a date who was simply stunning....not at all stunned like her father!

    Sat with a few fellows from the airport and enjoyed the conversation and meal. Here Harold is getting some "fatherly" advise from Barry on the meaning of life while Mr. Verge tells yet another joke!

    At 2200hrs I was toast so I took Kayla home as she was going out with her friends and needed to change while I headed home wondering if my better half was going to run off with some piano guy! The horror of that thought and the horror of approaching storm Kyle as the sky darkens in the land of the Bluenose!
    Life is a beach at least till the tide comes in and the Bud is all gone!

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    Apr 2006
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    Re: Busy busy but managed a century

    Sounds like you had a blast!
    Anyone can make life interesting you just have to go out there and do things instead of sitting on your butt doing nothing. Second quote: Life is about trying new things not just standing around.

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    Sep 2007
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    Re: Busy busy but managed a century

    Sounds and looks like you had a very productive day. Golf, metal detecting, dinner too



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