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    Re: Slave tag

    Interesting stuff.
    Just curious. Do you think any of the slave owners could have forged these tags themselves?
    In order to escape any government tax? HH

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    Re: Slave tag

    re: Forgery of Slave Tags. Well, an interesting idea, but please realize that original Slave Tags were made by highly regarded silversmiths, with relief single-line bar punches. Even today it is very expensive to make such a punch (but the fakers have proven the initial expense is worthwhile, as they can make genuine-looking fakes). Back ca. 1800-1865, only experts (ie, silversmiths, or possibly other 'smiths', tinsmiths, etc.) had the ability to make such a punch. A fully incuse punched 'tag' would be obviously fake. And, the Charleston laws provided for fines for people working for-hire without badges/tags. So, while it is very, very remotely possible some silversmith made close copies, it really is exceedingly unlikely. A faker back then would have had to make a LOT of tags to recoup the cost/time of making the bar stamps. And, with a serial number on each one, it was easy enough to figure out which slave was supposed to have each Tag. So, it is possible, but not likely. There are two fully incuse 'tags' in the Charleston Museum that have been there since the 1930's (as I recall), donated by a well-known coin dealer. I am convinced they are early fakes, probably made post-1900 for collectors. But, it is possible they were used during Slavery times. The historal record does not provide any information (that I know of) regarding fake comtemporary 'tags'.

    BTW, if you collect or are interested in Slave Tags, please stop by my web site at and send me an email direct hartzog @ . Rich Hartzog
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    Re: Slave tag

    The tag pictured above is definately a fake. lolol I can't believe they are still trying to duplicate them. In all my years of collecting slave artifacts I have never seen a "good" fake.


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