WI Logging Camp Tokens
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    WI Logging Camp Tokens

    This is something that I have tried to find, but never have.

    I have went metal detecting where old logging camps where and have heard of others finding them... so I keep trying. I've been out detecting with buddies in places where we should have found some if there were any and came up empty. I guess I will have to keep on trying.

    Now, I am talking about "Wisconsin" logging camp tokens; I'm not really interested in logging camp tokens per se. Just those from Wisconsin during the logging days of the 1800's and around the turn of the century (early 1900's).

    While out detecting I have found a lot of things... coins, rings, other kinds of tokens, etc. But I am still looking for those logging camp tokens! Let me know if you know anyone who has these. I'd like to see some pictures if anyone has any. Thank you.


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    Jan 2006
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    Re: WI Logging Camp Tokens

    Hope you find the one you're looking for. This one I found a couple of
    months ago from that era, but not from Wisconsin. Did'nt find it at a
    lumber camp, but in an old mining town. Good luck!
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    Re: WI Logging Camp Tokens

    Wow! That's a very interesting piece.

    You can see the letters on it pretty good. I would say that it is too bad that part of it is gone (from environmental elements causing corrosion, it looks like), but even THAT seems to add something of interest to the piece!

    Nice find anyway, I'd say! Thanks for posting the picture.


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    Re: WI Logging Camp Tokens

    What area of WI are you hunting...I have accessed alot of these old camps in Northern Wisconsin. I have not found any tokens either. Just getting ready to hit an old camp that was really active in the late 1800's so will see what I comne up with from there.This one is a little better because I know for sure that it had a "ladies of the evening" tavern on the same site as the camp...yeehaw should be able to find some great stuff there
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    Re: WI Logging Camp Tokens

    Hello, I haven't stayed to just one certain area of Wisconsin except for mostly the northern half.

    I really have not limited myself to old logging camp sites when detecting, but I do try to seek those out when I can. One that I tried and was hopeful of was "Pittsville." Uncertain of the spelling right now. It's been a while since I went there. But it is supposed to be right in the center of the state of Wisconsin.

    Never heard of the kind of tokens that you are talking about having been found in Wisconsin. But I suppose they had places like that all over.



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    Oct 2005
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    Re: WI Logging Camp Tokens

    I saw a set of cool Wisconsin lumber tokens or scrip on ebay a few weeks back. They were in great condition and sold for about $150 as I recall. I thought it a very good deal.

    I dig Michigan lumber tokens at one of my camp locations. So far I've dug 4 all the same.

    I posted my first token finds on here back about two years ago. This was back in one of my previous accounts here at TreasureNet. Originally one could simply click on the delete account button and it was all gone immediately.

    Anyway, here's my old picture taken just after I dug the 3 tokens. They were worth digging. I sold two of them on ebay for $99.99 each. I found another at the same site about 3 weeks ago.

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