Equinox 800 wireless module
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    Equinox 800 wireless module

    The wireless headphones supplied with the 800 will pair without using the supplied ($200+ dollar?) WM08 module.
    I asked the seller about it and he said the module was used when under water.
    The manual points out (page 55) the module is "water resistant but NOT waterproof.
    From what I gather, the module is supposed to improve latency, yet I have also heard that the headphones alone will work fine.
    Seems to me they could knock off 100 bucks if they didn't include it if it isn't necessary.
    Your thoughts?
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    The WM08 module is so a person can use a set of wired headphone that they already own and like. You can use the same headphones for both dry ground detecting by using the WM08 module or just attach the headphone cord to the detector for water hunting.

    I use the wireless bluetooth headphones most of the time for dry ground detecting. I have a set of Eisenhower headphones for water hunting. But when it is noisy or really windy, I use the Eisenhower headphones with the WM08 to cut down on the outside noise when dry ground detecting. I like having the WM08 module so I can use other headphones in a semi-wireless manner.

    I also have a CTX3030 and it has the WM10 module. So I am already accustomed to using the module with good quality wired headphones. I use Mel surffones with the CTX for both land and water detecting.

    The WM08 on the Equinox and the WM10 on the CTX gives the user the ability to use their water headphones for dry ground or using other wired headphones they may already own. I am glad they included them in the package.

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    If the seller used the module underwater (as in submerged it), I'd pass on it due to the assumption that it's been damaged.



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