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    Aug 2006
    Fargo, ND
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    MN & ND Detecting Laws

    Does anyone have any information regarding detecting in MN or ND? I know State Parks are off-limits, but what about state owned land, water etc? Thanks!

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    Jun 2005

    Re: MN & ND Detecting Laws

    State website says state parks are definately a no no.. Except under odd circumstances approved by parks director....

    Century code doesn't mention it....

    Some cities do have laws about in town..

    Either way I'd get hold of closest city to area and check their laws.

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    May 2005
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    Re: MN & ND Detecting Laws

    MN also fines people for detecting in state forests. For county parks, I guess the sheriffs dept could tell you whether or not it's OK, & the local police for city parks. The people at city & county rec HQ will probably in many cases quote something out of a book, making it sound illegal.

    I called St. Paul parks & asked if OK to detect, & they said OK to sweep detector, but no digging. I said is my screwdriver a shovel & they said it also said no disturbing (the grass). They also said I could check with the police, so I did & asked them if I could be fined for detecting in St. Paul parks. They said maybe if I left a big hole that could injure someone & other than that, to use my own judgement.

    There have always been laws against damaging property, but most cities don't mind detecting as long as nothing is harmed to the point where it needs fixing. Most detectorists use a screwdriver to pop out shallower coins, & probably something like a Lesche digger (strong but dull knife with 7" blade) & cut a partial circle or square, leaving it connected on 1 side & fold it back, take out coin, return dirt into hole & flip grass back over hole & stomp on grass so hopefully it won't turn brown. Best done when ground is moist.

    Any city park that allows detecting would at least allow a screwdriver. Ramsey county parks requires a free permit & Hennepin co parks an expensive permit only good for beaches.

    Members in your local club (listed on this site) may also be able to tell you if you can detect a particular place. HH, George (MN)

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    Jun 2006
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    Re: MN & ND Detecting Laws

    Hi, I just stumbled on this post and decided to share what I know about
    Minnesota detecting. Information emailed to Me by a fellow detector in Minn
    indicated the local City park was OK to detect, but not to dig. Screwdriver was never mentioned
    but maybe OK. County land was OK, but I'm sure damage could change that.
    I have always detected Playgrounds and areas with woodchips and sand.I use
    discretion on other public playgrounds and school yards- usually best to check.
    Private property-- always ask first!! Tax forfeit-- depends,probably should ask.
    good luck & HH

    State parks-- NO,NO,NO!!
    Garrett GTI 2500 , BH Discovery 3300,Automax pinpointer

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    Oct 2006
    Sharpshooter II

    Re: MN & ND Detecting Laws

    I work full time local Ambulance in Southern Minnesota, as such we sometimes have lunch with some of the officers. During one meal with a MN State Trooper and a couple of Sherriffs, I casually asked about metal detecting, none of them had a clue, it seems that this is VERY low on there priority list. They did mention the safety issues though. One officer said if someone were to call and complain it might be looked into, but even then it would probably be a "move along" kinda thing...


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    Oct 2005
    whites classic idx

    Re: MN & ND Detecting Laws

    most people don't give a rat about it police don't care only if some one complanes about it
    most state parks are run buy the community just cover the holes you dig i have hunted state parks
    with no bother just stay out of the big city's go to some smaller ones population under 2000
    should be fine



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