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    Dec 2004
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    Lost treasure of Wisconsin

    I read that somewhere near Euclare, WI There is a mound with a stolen treasure. It was put under a cave in a second hole down below the caves entrance.The mound was caved in and never to have been thought after since.But the treasure was also never found either.I want to do more investigating this summer.There are some interesting mounds near where we live that have funny rock structure that look like they could have been some kind of entrance.
    Also in Eauclare,WI there is a place Now supposedly used for picnicking that is supposedly next to an old silver mind that was closed off and abandoned.There are a huge amount of lost and stolen treasure stories in Wisconsin ...I have collected lost of stuff that is really interesting.

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    Nov 2004
    Appleton, WI

    Re: Lost treasure of Wisconsin

    I'm about 3 hours from Eau Claire... Even closer if I'm visiting my Wifes parents in Cochrane (about 1.5 hours from Eau Claire)...

    I'd love to hunt with you if you want a tag-along.


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    Feb 2005
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    Re: Lost treasure of Wisconsin

    I would love to talk to you about treasure lost in wisconsin. I am from the appleton area and am having a hard time finding treasure tales in this area. Any help would be welcome
    Thank youjavascript:void(0);

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    Nov 2004
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    Re: Lost treasure of Wisconsin

    Might be burail mounds...
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    Mar 2005
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    Re: Lost treasure of Wisconsin

    The old Silver Mine at Eau Claire was permanently closed and sealed many years ago after two "treasure hunters" got lost inside and died. Old mines are dangerous and can be deadly places to visit. The sealed entrance can still be seen from Hwy 37, about a half mile south of the Interstate, and yes, there is an exit at Hwy 37. The entrance will be across Hwy 37 from the Silver Springs horseradish plant. No known treasure was ever located in or near this mine, and the legends connected to it are so vague, changing, and impossible to trace, it isn't worth the time, effort, or expense involved to even consider it. The Silver Springs horseradish plant will however, give you a nice tour of their facilities, and there are breweries in the immediate area that offer sampling tours, so all is not lost if you insist on finding treasure here.

    In my view, and experience, more productive effort would yield very real and valuable results by detecting in the older neighborhoods of the city or town you live in right now. I have lived in 26 different locations in Wisconsin, and the back yards of the older neighborhoods of every place I've lived has given up much silver, rings, and other interesting items. i have found more than both hands could hold of silver coins in an hour or so in many of these back yards in Milwaukee. Two ancient coins, one silver, one bronze, found in a farm yard in Dodge County, along the Rock River, are rare finds that I have. The amount of treasure you will find is directly connected to the amount of time, effort, and research spent looking. One piece at a time from a back yard will produce more silver in a few years than most of the legends will ever produce, after a lifetime of searching. Keep digging!

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    Mar 2005
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    Re: Lost treasure of Wisconsin

    Hey Ghost Surf. Im in Eau Claire, and am just getting into this TH and MD hobby. I been doing some research. I never heard of the story your talking about but sounds cool. I think every treasure tale has to have some kind of relevance to it, the stories had to start some how. Anyways check out this site if you havnt already. Click on the treasure in wisconsin link, wich is located in the paragraph unde3r the hands holding the gold nuggets. I think you may find these interesting i hope. I plan on getting a metal detector this weekend. Im going to start in my back yard. There is a sidewalk that leads to nothing there, and then a big space with another sidewalk on the other end of the yard, like there was a house or something in between. Maybe we could get together sometime and do some treasure investigating and hunting, maybe try and find more leads on these wisconsin tales. There is even a story about aome kid finding 3-10pound bars of gold on the shores of the mississippi here in Wi. back in the 50's! I think any treasure tale no matter what people say is worth investigating, the only way to prove it isnt true is to PROVE it isnt true So if someone says im wasting my time on a certain treasure, well I say, when someone finds the loot then I will give up, but untill then, to me its still there! Happy hunting, I cant wait to start!!!!!!!!! OOps I forgot to post the site for the treasure link lol...here> http://wisconsinprospectors.30u.com/index1.html
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