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Thread: Spanish Gallion of NEAHKAHNIE MOUNTAIN

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    Re: Spanish Gallion of NEAHKAHNIE MOUNTAIN

    Just to throw my two cents in about Manila galleon wrecks, I found my San Augustin beeswax about 2.5 miles from where it probably came up from being trapped under a layer of sand. The debris area for the San Augustin is about 5 miles wide, streaching I think generally from where I found a large hull board made of Lanang, to where I found a beeswax chunk, part of a deadeye, and a coroded maravedis coin. In between this area is a strip of beach that has a lot of pieces of teak and lanang wood strewn about it, and a decayed deadeye or two.

    If the San Francisco Xavier was right there on the beach, there would be a lot more to see than what has been found. Instead of a few pieces of china plate, there would be hundreds of pieces from the plates that were broken. These ships usually carried 5 to 20 thousand plates, and even the San Augustin, which was a relatively small Manila galleon, had about 3 to 5 thousand pieces of china on it. This ship would also have had cannons, and lots of laquerwork, ivory, silks, cottons, worked siver, spices, worked iron, wood work such as lapdesks and furniture, and all kinds of other oriental products. You guys would see a lot more variety of junk laying around there.

    I recall a book I saw on Pacific coast wrecks, and it stated with a picture that there were several wrecks out on that spit.

    I know with the San Augustin, after you spend a little time out on the beach, you get a sense of where it is, or at least where pieces of it are at.

    A lot of the weapons and tools used on these ships were of pacific manufacture. You wouldn't necessarily see a coquistador's halaberd on one of these ships. I believe a Malaysian pike tip was found when they did a partial excavation of the San Augustin. You would expect to find a bunch of the arab-influenced bronze MVS cannons from it too. You might find Japanese matchlocks and samurai swords.

    Even if the Spanish survivors carried off all the worked gold, there would literally be 5 to 6 truckloads of stuff just sitting there. Why aren't there hundreds or thousands of pieces of Chinese trade pottery turning up all over the place in Oregon and Washington for sale? The Miwoks who lived at Point Reyes collected a couple hundred pieces of broken pottery that washed up from the San Augustin, and now Point Reyes has over 700 pieces of the stuff.

    There were at least 5 Manila Galleons that got wrecked after they cleared Saipan. I think one burned and one disappeared in a storm. The San Felipe's crew all died and the ship grounded off Ensenada, on the Baja Peninsula, where it was finally destroyed later by a storm. In the mid 1700's, another ship suffered some pestilence and was found floating off the coast of Mexico with all the people aboard it dead.

    I get the feeling that the ship is not there on that beach, but probably close by. All the info about this wreck is very clouded and speculative.

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    Re: Spanish Gallion of NEAHKAHNIE MOUNTAIN

    I have detected the beach out at three rocks and found nothing but 1 fishing weight

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    Re: Spanish Gallion of NEAHKAHNIE MOUNTAIN

    Have hunted the beaches near there and found a few things very interesting.With all the modernization nothing is going to be close to when it really took place.Mil-Hunter ,would you be willing to share the old pictures in Orregon website.
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    Re: Spanish Gallion of NEAHKAHNIE MOUNTAIN

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