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    Nov 2010

    City boardwalks?

    Have any of our members tried hunting the old boardwalks? Cities like Pittsburgh have them on most of the steep hillsides. Many had been converted to concrete stairways. Some have been removed. Others have been closed and fenced-off (the entrances). The ground under most of the concrete stairs are more difficult to access (they seem to be built closer to the ground than the wooden ones). At least one site I checked is now wide-open. It was a rather short boardwalk, before it was removed. Some of these go back to the 1800's.

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    Re: City boardwalks?

    That is a very good idea. I have not thought about it.
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    Re: City boardwalks?

    I can think of several I personally used but never gave a thought to detect because of the neighborhoods and the trash I've seen tossed off the sides.

    Mckees Rocks has a couple running up to the top of the hill...Troy Hill has a several zig-zagging all the way down to East Ohio Street and over in S.side I can think of one that goes up Arlington Ave.

    Only one Id feel safe at would be the Troy hill area. I'll even clue you in on a possible treasure lead there I remember from when I was first detecting.
    Back in the mid 80's I'm guessing, an old man died that lived just above E.Ohio street on the slope going up to Troy Hill.
    His house was but a shanty made of block and corrugated steel. I don't remember who discovered him dead but in his shanty they found thousands of dollars...in PENNIES!
    I remember the article was either in the Pittsburgh Press or Post Gazette of the time and I found the remains of his building....they knocked it down for safety reasons.
    I tried detecting there but there was so much sheet steel everywhere it was impossible.
    It was real close to some of the steps leading up the hill. Been a long time.....25+ years....so I'm foggy on the exact location. But figured if he had that much in pennies IN his house...only have to wonder what he might have stashed outside.

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