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    Re: Info on Treasure Maps

    TY, OB... YOU are basing YOUR "final decision" (hoax) on ONE author? LOL! I need MORE info than THAT! I have read MANY books from MANY authors (w/o a "hidden agenda"); met MANY ppl from Lynchburg/Bedford County, VIRGINIA re. the BEALE Story; walked the "area of interest" in Lynchburg, AND! Bedford County, VIRGINIA; met with Peter Viemeister (author of THREE books on the Beale Treasure). Met with/e-mailed to/from MANY treasure hunters re. the Beale Treasure/CSA TREASURY/VA State TREASURY (Civil War era) to conclude SOMETHING is "out there". Hoax? NAW. "Cover-story"? MAYBE... 8)

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    Re: Info on Treasure Maps

    Quote Originally Posted by Rebel - KGC
    NOPE! NOT a "mind-reader"; YOU clarify, please... TY! P.S. "Click" on images to ENLARGE... OB, NEVER heard of that guy... WHAT book? SHARE, please... TY!
    Okay, Reb, I was referring to the papers that Beale left for Morriss, in the event he (Beale) never returned. Not just the codes, but the letters, as well as everything Beale told Morriss. In the context of the conversation you should have known that, since that is where the words in question are located.

    Words are used in the vernacular before they are used in print. So if you see "new" words in books, you can be pretty sure that someone, somewhere, has been using those words for a while. Just ask a publisher if he would publish a book that was full of words that none of his readers would understand.

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    Re: Info on Treasure Maps

    TY, KK! Like words in FRENCH (Will Smith, Fred Jones)? The "letters" from TJB to R. MORRISS are "troublesome", indeed!

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    Re: Info on Treasure Maps


    I think it is hight of folly to assume anything by righting off all treasure maps one way or another. Some maps are fake some are the real. It really comes down to careful examination of the alleged map and contents of the documents.

    There has been many Authenticated cases of maps leading to treasure. Below in another more recent example.

    Ohio Chronicle Telegram: 2/8/1986 page 18

    Map leads feds to buried gold

    Scripps Howard

    A "treasure map" discovered in the home of an accused
    cocaine dealer has led federal drug agents to a field in
    Nebraska, where they dug up more than $1 million in gold
    buried in Tupperware containers, according to federal authorities
    in Denver.

    The buried coins were found on property owned by one of
    three men indicted by a federal grand jury in Denver last October
    for allegedly running a cocaine-smuggling ring. Authorities say the
    ring brought in 850 pounds of cocaine between 1976 and 1982.

    CHARGED in the case were William Compton Musson of Denver;
    William Francis Var Nuys, of Long Beach, Calif.; andGary Erwin Mintz,
    the alleged owner of Shotgun Willie's, a topless nightclub in Denver.

    Although the coins were found a year ago, the episode
    was not previously revealed.The treasure map was found
    during a search by federal Drug Enforcement Administration
    agents of a house Musson owned in Kula, Hawaii. The map was
    found inside a diary kept by Musson.

    According to DEA records,the map, apparently drawn by
    Musson, depicted a large white cliff that was cracked down the
    middle and flanked by trees. Written on the map was a
    message: "From trees near center, 20 paces apart."
    "It was so vague, so cryptic,"said one agent. "It was a long

    The agents knew that Musson owned property in Hawaii, Colorado,
    New Mexico and Nebraska.They decided to start theirsearch for
    the treasure on the640 acres of land Musson ownedin Sioux County,
    Neb., near the Wyoming border.

    A team flew to Musson's property in Sioux County."I TOLD THEM there was no
    way I was going to a field in Nebraska in the middle of winter to look for pieces of
    eight," said another agent.

    But on Feb. 5, 1985, DEA agents found the white cliff and the two trees after several hours
    of searching Musson's property. Moments later, their metal detector went crazy.
    The agents began to dig and soon uncovered about a dozen Tupperware containers
    bearing 441 gold pieces.The gold was taken to coin
    experts, who appraised the treasure at about $1 million. Musson, Mintz and Van Nuys
    all are charged with the federal government's "kingpin" statute, which could put them in prison
    for life if they're convicted.

    The government alleged the men earned $4 million from cocaine
    sales.The government wants to seize Musson's property, as well
    as the gold, other coins and jewelry, and the contents of his
    bank and brokerage accounts.

    In addition to Shotgun Willie's, the government claims
    Mintz's assets include interest in promissory notes totaling more
    than $900,000; three airplanes,buildings and land at 10 sites in
    Denver; a promissory note for sale of property on Riverside
    Drive in New York City; a building and land at a condominium
    in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; and brokerage and bank accounts.

    Van Nuys assets include interest in property in California,
    Oregon and Hawaii, gold coins, stocks and four airplanes.
    All of the assets were gained through a large cocaine smuggling
    ring the men operated, the government charged. The government
    estimated the value of the assets at more than $7million.



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