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    Apr 2007
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    Welcome to the party, Claytons! Did your GGGrandfather say anything about lost gold or stage robberies in the Cerbat area?

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    Sep 2013
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    I was born and raised in Kingman and my grandfather helped build this town. I had heard about this story from my father after it was published in the 70's and my grandparents had never heard of it. Shortly after that story was published the mountains in that canyon were covered with people every single weekend. People were digging holes left and right to no avail. That entire area was a very popular place to hunt and target practice far prior to the article coming out and remained so until the mid to late 1980's or early 90's. The metal detecting crowd began to appear in the late 70's and I imagine still sneak in the back door to this day. There are so many bullets and garbage in that area it would take ten lifetimes to dig anything of value up, even if it really existed. I've hunted myself and had fun and was there only a few years ago, going the back way, but as people have stated, it is private property now. as a kid the remains of the original station were very visible but barely intact, along with the old orchard there, now it's completely gone without a trace. If the robbery had happened, the only place for a quick stash would have been in the wash just west of the old station, but given that much time, there's probably at least ten feet of sand that's been added over time. I take my hat off to you guys who really researched this, I did the same quite a few years ago and have pictures of the area. I studied day and night. I've come to the conclusion you have; that there MAY be some truth to it, but good luck finding it.

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    donald peterson

    Jan 2013
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    don't confuse a good story with facts...

    though..love to sit and talk about those buried B-17's...

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    Jan 2010
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    This whole thread has been a fascinating read! So sad to come to page 5 of 5 and there is no more. I hope you researchers who have done so much can do some more! This great story needs some sort of conclusion!

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    Danged if I can think of one

    Feb 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gypsy Heart View Post
    Here is a thought.....Macullum nor McAllen are listed on the Yuma Prisoner Registery nor on the Death list while in prison ..... register of prisoners http://www.azcorrections.gov/Historical/100M.htm death http://www.interment.net/data/us/az/...son/prison.htm
    Gypsy, You are a great resource to members on this forum. We always appreciate your help and input.

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    Dec 2008
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    When you are researching 19th Century treasure and lost mine stories in newspapers, keep in mind that there were no wire services. It was common for papers to copy stories from other papers (generally with credit were it was due). A payroll or other stage robbery was big news, so almost any paper in the state would probably have one or more articles about it.

    There are many newspaper files available on the Web. The Library of Congress site is a good place to begin.

    Good luck to all,

    ~The Old Bookaroo

    2.0: Encyclopedia of Stagecoach Robbery in Arizona by R. Michael Wilson (2003) begins in 1875. What does that say about a robbery that was supposed to have taken place in 1873? Perhaps that date is incorrect. Or "negative" research indicates it didn't happen?
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    Sep 2013
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    I have ATVed Canyon Station many times until land was sold to now dead owner. He but up the gates
    and would not let anyone enter ever. It was one of the best rides in this area.
    Access can still be made through mineral park but it is no longer a through route.

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    Apr 2007
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    Quote Originally Posted by mswarbrick View Post
    This whole thread has been a fascinating read! So sad to come to page 5 of 5 and there is no more. I hope you researchers who have done so much can do some more! This great story needs some sort of conclusion!
    One really good way to bring this story to a conclusion would be to have some access to the station area. It would be nice to be able to explore the station grounds with a metal detector and other stuff. Alas, the station grounds are private property! Another good way to bring this to a conclusion is to get access to the US Army robbery investigation & reports for 1873ish. Until then... no blood... no harm... no foul!


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