a Mexican bell story
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Thread: a Mexican bell story

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    May 2005
    Drake, Costa Rica
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    a Mexican bell story

    hey mester, wanna buy a bell? (joke)
    that's how it starts, I say sure so off we go (central Mexico, la tierra caliente) to a most modest house and they drag out a bell
    sorry no photo (never, a rule); ~16" high, 14" dia, dark patina , and Mejico cast in the side
    ok, made in Mexico -> of what?
    well it seems the question was most obvious so when the bell was turned over . . . .
    there was a fresh hacksaw notch ~1/2" into the rim to remove a chunk
    bummer, bummer, bummer; I gave the owner hell but the damage had been done, still awaiting a new owner I suspect

    a recurring treasure theme in Mexico are items cast of copper containing also gold

    once I was offered a huge cast copper pot (multiple pours/horizontal layers) 4' dia and 2' deep and my heart jumped, I was going to be a buyer
    upon inspection a brand new 1/2" hole had been drilled right in the bottom
    I did not buy.

    Mexico can be fun, but I have gone south.


    edit: I wanted the bowl for chicharones, not with a petcock in the bottom
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    Mar 2015
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    Hello Bill interesting yarn. Reminds me when working down in Peru and Bolivia.It seemed like every day some one wanted to sell us Gringos stuff. So called ancient artifacts was locally made around the corner the day before. But every now and again a little wizened old native would turn up with the real deal. However its illegal for foreigners to with pre Colombian artifacts.

    Being gringo working down there you can become target of after buying such artifact being busted and forced to pay a bribe by the local cop. Poverty and illicit dealing in artifacts goes hand in hand.

    Sadly it seems open season to steal from their churches. Several occasions I was offered silver candlesticks and beautiful 18th century cross. Yet the attitude of officials seemed more indifferent in regards to those articles.

    But I suppose I am looking through the eyes of affluent westerner? If I was living in poverty with a family to feed and no other option? I would most likely do the same.

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    May 2005
    Drake, Costa Rica
    2388 times
    Quote Originally Posted by KANACKI View Post
    . . . .If I was living in poverty with a family to feed and no other option? . . . .
    hola Kanacki, I lived in central Mexico for several years and it would seem poverty drives many diggers, the fake vendors have pickups.
    In many cases pieces such as masks and phallic symbols would be broken to ward off bad spirits, an effing shame.
    Being caught by the verdes (military) with archeology stuff (patrimonio nacional) is not negotiable.

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