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    Are these Japanese Treasure markings?

    We where out panning for gold and just playing around the other day and ran across what the natives here are saying the Japanese made when they where here in this area. Many of the old people here say the Japanese was hiding and stayed at the falls at the end of the war. At the bottom of the falls is a small place looks like the bottom has been poured and a 6'' wide by 12'' deep round hole is beside it. At the top is a rock looks like a hook carved in it with a triangle rock beside it then on down is what looks like drilled holes two look like a 8 there is a heart shape and one hole has a three sided place in the bottom center that is about 2'' tall The small creek they say just runs into the rocks on down a ways and does not come out anywhereClick image for larger version. 

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    THe triangle beside the rock with the hook carving must be a marker. Look for triangle of trees or boulders forming a triangle at the direction where the triangle is pointing.

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    for solutions to the jesuit code go to ranglers marks and signs.com
    49 times
    the breaking of the Spanish/Jesuit Code
    excuse vance he is just parroting my advice to another pinoy here a few weeks ago..he is well meaning perhaps but knows nothing about yamashita and his code...

    however his code is based on the Spanish treasure code..I will help you all I can and am working with two more pinoys right now at two different locations..

    1. despite what vance said, this is not a case of a dug pit~!
    2. the pit is the underground stream..it suits them perfectly~! they like the death trap using water..and this one is easier..because the stream has its own natural death traps..if you dont plan well...
    3.dont enter during the wet season..it will perhaps raise the level of the stream and trap you in a vanishing air pocket and you can die a horrible death.
    4.the figure 8 means cache in spanish code
    5 other drill holes can give you the depth...
    6.they used concrete in almost every case of hiding the goodies..a special hardened cement that is almost impossible to break..there is a solution..let me know if that is the case...
    7.ask the pinoys there if anyone knows the number of Japanese soldiers who where there at the end of the war..because most were chased to northern Luzon by MacArthur's return...the number of men, if it was a pit, could tell how deep the pit might be..also the number of men might tell you how much goodies were involved..
    8.dont enter the underground steam alone or in the wet season
    9.there will be additional death traps installed in this underground steam...boulder fall traps..perhaps even landmine
    so don't pull on any wires you see along the way..if possible hey will have blocked off an area about 20 feet or so underground..and perhaps with hardened concrete..it will take specialty drills to penetrate it, and a substance to use
    to break it..let me know your progress, I will help you alll I can, as I am with two other pinoys at two other locations in the phils- use extreme caution and good luck
    oro for the informed
    P8 "Does not wisdom call, And understanding lift up her voice?



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