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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Rock carvings.

    Hello everyone. This is my first post and I need help with some treasure marks/symbols. The area that I am talking about has been used by the Indians and Spanish for years as a watering hole. There are 2 symbols, one being a turtle with legs and tail in the shell and the head is out and pointing to the right on the shell is 2x's and a diagonal line, the other one is an upsidedown man with 2 hearts where his feet should be, the hearts have arrows through them. I have looked at the treasure hunters university, where there are only similar markings and and I can't figure out what the x's are for. I live in Utah on the border of Arizona and I have been detecting for 13 years. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

    looking for folks to metal detect with contact me at diggerzone or right here.

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    TickTock Man

    Re: Rock carvings.

    Hey rustycoin,
    Have you read "The Rocks Begin to Speak" by LaVan Martineau? He was raised by a Paiute family in Cedar City, and was a cryptographer/codebreaker in the army and has devoted a good portion of his life to making a very logical study of petroglyphs. He says that an upside down figure represents death or someone who has died. On the figure you're talking about... are they lines through the hearts, or could they be lightning bolts?From what I understand, hearts indicate treasure, and lighting bolts indicate a possible death trap.

    Having not seen what you are describing, and keeping in mind that I may have no idea what I'm talking about, my interpretation of an upside down figure with hearts for feet with lines (or lightning) through them would be:

    "There is treasure here.
    Be careful. If you walk over it, you will trigger a trap."

    Are there any caves or anything in the area that could have a covered vertical shaft you could break through and fall down if you stepped on it?

    As far as the x's and diagonal lines... maybe they are directional indicators?

    If you get a chance, take a few pictures and post them. I'd like to see them!

    Check into Martineau's book. It's fascinating. I went to a few sites with him many years ago and he explained some glyphs I'd found that (according to his system) seemed to tell of a some sort of natural disaster in the area that drove people into the mountains to the south... probably the Pine Valleys. I'm not sure if he's still around these parts anymore or not. He'd probably be in his late 70's by now.

    Have a good one. Are you close to the fires? I think we're all suffering from smoke inhalation up here.


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    Re: Rock carvings.

    Just read about the indian signs etc..........sounds like that would make a neat article too. Lost history almost....how do you feel about this neat way of communication? Teresa



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