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    Treasure Found

    Just some of the reports:Treasure Found: Tuolumne county, California: 18 pounds of gold dust in a tin can was found in the area where an old miner's cabin once stood in 1855 on Coyote Flat near Sonora.

    Treasure Found: Tuolumne county, California: A soda bottle containing nearly a pound of gold dust was found in the lot where the Odd Fellows Club once stood in Sonora.

    Treasure Found: Mariposa county, California: years ago in Coulterville an old adobe building was torn down and the bricks used to fill holes in the street. When the rains came the bricks started to break up, and someone walking down the street found a gold coin. The whole town was soon digging the strret up, quite a few coins were found. It was believed that a cache was concealed in the walls of the old adobe.

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    Re: Treasure Found


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    Re: Treasure Found

    More:Treasure Found: Sumner county, Tennessee. In 1976 a contractor digging in the basement of a pre-civil war house in Gallatin, discovered a cache of gold coins worth more than $20,000. All dated between 1835-1860. Flocks of treasure hunters descended on the site and several days later a chest containing several hundred pieces of worked silver and more than 450 gold coins was discovered buried 3 feet deep near the roots of 200 year old tree.

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    Re: Treasure Found

    More:Treasure Found: Hart County, Georgia: In 1976 111 gold coins were allegedly found in a crock jar beneath a chimney hearth in the fire destroyed farmhouse owned by J.R. Davidson 1 1/2 miles NE Royston (once the old Adam's farm). A relative stated the grandfather had other buried coins that have yet to be found.
    Treasure Found: Cobb county, Georgia: In 1974 a fruit jar containing $50 face value in coins dating 1883-1920's was found on the Cobb property at 43 McDonald street in Marietta.

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    Re: Treasure Found

    more:Treasure Found: Arapahoe county, Colorado: In 1963 a cloudburst washed down the Platte river and local treasure hunter Ray Andis found some coins along the shore near the Washington Street bridge. With the aid of fellow treasure hunter Bill DeBaca they found 192 coins dated before the Civil War, several rings, 3 guns, jewerly and the remains of a rotted chest. Other hunters arrived and found several more coins in between the rocks. This one is believed to be stolen train loot from an 1800's robbery in Denver.

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    Re: Treasure Found

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    Treasure Found: Litchfield county, Connecticut: A party of hunters shot a squirrel in the woods near Morris. The wounded animal made it into a tree to it's nest (a box wedged high up). One hunter climbed to get the squirrel and found $5,000 in chewed up bills, no coins were found.
    Treasure Found: Kent county, Delaware: In 1973 a bulldozer uncovered a cache of 2,000 silver spanish coins dated 1780-1795 at Harrington. The treasure is believed to be one of several such caches buried by a rich merchant around 1800.

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    Re: Treasure Found

    more:Treasure Found: Will county, Illinois: Not so many years ago a farmer moving some large rocks from his garden near Joliet found an old blackened kettle containing gold, silver and copper coins.
    Treasure Found: DuPage county, Illinois: In the early 1940's about 100,000 in gold coins were found buried under 2 fruit trees in the back yard of Pierce's home at 716 South Emerson St. (Mount Prospect stockbroker Stanley H. Pierce buried $250,000 in gold coins in 1933 rather than turn them in as demanded by the government).

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    Re: Treasure Found

    MORE:Treasure Found: Big Horn county Wyoming: Four sacks of silver dollars were found in the kitchen wall of a house owned by Ferrell Mangus in Lovell, discovered while remodeling.
    Treasure Found: Carbon County, Wyoming: Stopping for a noon lunch on Hwy. I-80 E of Rawlins, the metal detector came out of the trunk. Mr. Troudt of Chicago started snooping around, in a one mile stretch between the hwy and cemetery at Fort Steele about 50 gold coins were found.

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    Re: Treasure Found

    more:Treasure Found: Lauderdale county, Alabama: In April 1942, four youngsters uncovered a pot containing $5,850 in gold coins dating bacvk to the civil war at Florence. The cache was believed to have been buried by a local planter under threath of Sherman's advance.
    Treasure Found: Colbert county, Alabama: In 1971, two local men found a gold bar the size of a brick near a flooded cave close to the Natchez Trace Bridge.
    Treasure Found: St. Clair county, Alabama: In 1901, a 2 carat raw diamond was found on the Isbeel property at prescott's Landing, about 20 miles NE of Birmingham.
    Treasure Found: Calhoun county, Alabama: In 1972, treasure hunter Fred Baker found a 1776 Massachusetts Pine Tree Copper cent while walking along the bank of Shoal Creek near White Pines. The coin was found under a flat rock. It was at that time one of two known to exist and was worth $100,000 to collectors.

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    Re: Treasure Found

    Boys and Girls, If I ever find treasure i mean real treasure, I'm keepin my mouth shout in fear that some state agency or archaeological review board tries to claim it and steal it,
    Because we all Know the real law "FINDERS KEEPERS"
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    Re: Treasure Found

    I agree one 100% ....

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    Re: Treasure Found

    I have found both of those doc.....but the indian head wasnt a real find, cause it was jewlery.........but the older 5 was found at a construction site
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