[WANTED] Atocha, 1715, 1733 and Jupiter wreck artifacts and coins wanted!!!
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    Jul 2018
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    Atocha, 1715, 1733 and Jupiter wreck artifacts and coins wanted!!!

    Alright guys I知 new to this forum and have been doing my own research with not much luck on online stores-
    I知 looking for Atocha, 1715 fleet, and or Jupiter wreck artifacts, coins, and set coins.
    Mostly Atocha and Jupiter wreck- as they are the more desirable atleast for me.

    I am looking to purchase a nice grade 1 (open to other grades) 4 reales or even 8 reales pendant.
    The coin clarity/quality is most important, but also the setting is important.
    Or if I acquire a fine coin anyone know who should be able to set it in a custom setting of choice?

    Also, I am looking to start acquiring artifacts- small display items.

    Atocha, Jupiter wreck, and 1715 fleet in that order...
    Pendant, artifacts, coins...

    Also, I am a business owner myself so I appreciate and respect business operations- therefore when I purchase somewhere or from someone I continue to only purchase with them (unless done wrong).

    Can you guys point me in the right direction on where to begin?!?
    Thank you all and hope you and your families enjoy a safe 4th!



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