Old Books ???
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Thread: Old Books ???

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    Sep 2005
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    Old Books ???

    Anybody know anything about Old Books ? It's complete in pages I'll let the pic's talk for themselves , it's 181 years old, Thanks, DarrellClick image for larger version. 

Name:	101_8554.JPG 
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Name:	101_8555.JPG 
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    Aug 2011
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    Very cool old book! I don't know enough about them to help you, but I think it is a great piece to have, if just for its age! Good luck with finding more information!
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    Go to bookfinder.com, put in the author and part of the title, choose "used," "no ISBN," and "hardcover" and see what you find.

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    Sep 2005
    Paso Robles
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    It's getting interesting, bookfinder.com was a nothing burger, Dave Sanderson Books (Rare Books, Utah), nothing....Found 6 Universities that had the 1854 version different Publisher and a 1848 version different Publisher but NO ORIGINAL FIRST EDITION 1839, still looking....
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    Apr 2009
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    Interesting book.

    A google search of pashal donaldson indicates he's associated with many interesting older books from this time period.
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    Mar 2014
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    Also check Abebooks. It looks like it was an edition printed for a church. Which may explain why you canít find another exactly like it. Because it was a short run for a limited group. It looks to have interesting subject matter. After all who doesnít like heathens. I would be curious if there were any editions printed on a larger scale.
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    Happy: With an unusual title such as you have, the first place
    I check is WorldCat. If the book exists, they would be the most
    likely spot to find a record of it.


    Here is some more on Donaldson:

    The Odd-fellows' Offering

    The title is listed on WorldCat, however it is an 1854 reprint.

    Being that your copy is a 1839 printing, it may be desirable
    to collectors. He wrote a great many items for the Odd Fellows
    as well as the Masons, so if your printing is unique, you may be
    surprised at the interest it may garnish if offered for sale.

    Condition, however, is not good. It's heavily foxed, and the
    covers/binding could sure use some work.

    Time to do the homework and confirm that it's the earliest
    known printing.
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    Sep 2005
    Paso Robles
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    Yeah I just found out that he was a Freemason and wrote "The Odd Fellows Textbook and Manual"....now my links never work here, but you can read this book by following this Link ....<https://archive.org/details/oddfellowstextb00dona> and Thank You
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    Sep 2005
    Paso Robles
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	101_8556.JPG 
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Name:	101_6827.JPG 
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Name:	101_8564.JPG 
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Name:	101_8623.JPG 
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Name:	101_8624.JPG 
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Size:	1.02 MB 
ID:	1869771Now I'll tell you all something you didn't know, My Mom recently passed away on Aug. 24th, 2020, at the age of 95, she was the Family Genealogist for over 60 years and on both sides of My Parents we are RICH in Ancestors from the Pilgrims, Royals and Huguenots, some American Indian and also Ancient England/Ireland/Scotland/Wales and France/Germany/Spain, anyhow that's how I inherited the book, my brothers and sisters didn't want it, so I took it. The Book is passed down thru My Mom's Mother's Families of which originally belonged to one of my great great grandfather's, Hilam C. Scofield of whom was a Preacher most of his life. His name is in the front page of the Book (see pic's), also added his Biography here as well and the Family Chart Page (look towards the bottom, middle) and then another pic....Was he also a Freemason ? I don't know, on my Mom's Father side there definitely were Freemasons and also on my Dad's Father side. We are Super Related to like 40 to 50 or more percent of other Americans and the Allied Families are in the Thousands, one notable family most of us know of is the James Families of 1650 (Jesse & Frank James), I think everybody is related to Jesse James and if you are then your related to me, somehow. Enough talk, here's some pic's....Darrell
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    I can tell you that it’s priceless to your family. Maybe is worth some coin to someone else but it would be worth more to your grand children.
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    Mar 2014
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    Wow, that book is too old. But if it's priceless then for me I rather keep it and stay on my bookshelf for a long time.
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