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    Jul 2012
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    What is this mystery metal? found panning!

    cant post pics from mobile but it is a solid piece, little holes in it and crevaces, it is a dark sparkly gray color and has a smallllll hint of a gold flavor to it but.mostly the same color as platinum.. Its a Weird non magnetic metal found in bedrock, asseyer tested electronically and acid, passed both as gold. It was weird because he said it cant be gold, it dont weigh enough and it is oddly shaped... It doesnt have a trace of gold in it but it passes the gold test and isnt magnetic but bendable and brittle and shaped like a flat piece of alluminum but weighs too much to be alluminum, cant be steel or iron (non magnetic) he says it could possibly be platinum but he couldnt figure it out, department of ag couldnt, several tennessee colleges couldnt, stone and metal asseyers, jewelers, pawn brokers, even a 40+ year prispector says hes never seen or pulled anything like this from a creek.. its the mystery metal of this town, we know it as the metal that is "gold but not gold nugget" someone could know, have I discovered a new element? Idk.....
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    Dec 2008
    1427 times
    Most larger scrap yards have these xrf analyzers That will tell you exactly what is in any alloy instantly.
    Tell them you have a ton of it and what to know whats in it.

    Metal Analysis & Alloy Analysis with Niton XRF Analyzers

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    Jun 2005
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    you are not anywhere near Roswell - New Mexico are you ;-) or it is what they call "unobtainium"
    but seriously, I posted some odd rock inclusions I found in the creek by me, grey metalic with hints of gold/copper lines in part of it, really odd, but have not had it tested. Will go out today and see if I can chip some of it out.

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    If hammered does this mystery metal flatten out?

    May be lead, and possibly buckshot or birdshot...

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    relic hunter

    Dec 2011
    Cape Cod
    tesoro stingray
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    I have been thinking "electrum" as It is soo very old it has been forgotten? See Silver colored Nuggets by Boris as it looks too good to be melted beer cans.

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    Jul 2012
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I found it in a stream running off the duck river in columbia tn, its not lead, or alluminum, I wish I could upload pics, its came back as every test as gold but its just not gold....



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