Is this a emerald?
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Thread: Is this a emerald?

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    Oct 2012
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    Is this a emerald?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Jun 2013
    East Tennessee
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    It appears to be an Emerald but it is hard to be for sure from pictures alone! If you have a Gem Loupe and peer inside the stone, if it has Carbon specks and/or inclusions inside, then it is likely that it is a genuine Emerald.


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    Jul 2012
    Blackfoot, Idaho
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    I'd be surprised if an emerald were that scratched-up.

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    Jan 2009
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    Looks to be. Check out emeralds on ebay from Columbia muzo mine or Brazil. Yours appears to have been heat treated and well done. Just needs a final polish. Where did you get it?
    We also have a gem stone area here that you can post it. I think its called minerals and gems. They are pretty good. Or if you wish pm me and I will be happy to move it for you..
    As Huntsman said inclusions in it. That may be why it was not polished any further. Jewelers want an eye clear. I have a 63 ct dark one.
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    da book worm--researcher

    Feb 2007
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    looks like one and the type of cut is a common cut used on them

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    Sep 2014
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    With all of the very obvious inclusions you can see inside the stone, I am leading towards a yes, and if not, it is probably at least some sort of natural stone.

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    May 2014
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    Emeralds are known to have many inclusions that you can see with your naked eye... This looks to be to clean to be a natural emerald...

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    Feb 2006
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    The facets look more cast than ground. What would cause the stippling on a ground emerald surface?

    If it's a cut emerald it saw some hard handling to get that scuffed up.
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    Jul 2014
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    Where did you find/obtain this?

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    Oct 2012
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    It came off a gold ring 14k mans wedding ring
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    Jun 2013
    East Tennessee
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie P. (NY) View Post
    The facets look more cast than ground. What would cause the stippling on a ground emerald surface?

    If it's a cut emerald it saw some hard handling to get that scuffed up.
    Old Mine Cut Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and other stones were crudely cut and crudely polished, have all manners of roughness to them and some are downright ugly. I even have a 3.50ct Alexandrite that was rough cut and it is an atrocity but if it can be re-cut with an excellent cut and polish and still retain 2.50cts, it is possible that it will be worth $65,000 or more.


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    Sep 2013
    Downtown Lehman
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    Inclusions are the most important. Like you u thought I had struck gold only to find out they were artificial stones worth much less. Hopefully yours are real but no way of really finding out unless you take it to a reputable jeweler! Good luck!
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    Sep 2010
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    Somebody figured out a way to grow or manufacture emeralds, and those are perfect, and the natural stones have inclusions. I love emeralds, and that is a beautiful stone.
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    Grant Brandenburg

    Jan 2013
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    It does look like the stone has some imperfection, inclusions and other flaws, but not like a natural emerald I've seen. I don't think there is an emerald without anything to say it's flawless. Last December my daughter and I, went to the Cartier exhibit in downtown Denver and I got to see a lot of emeralds close up. One look like it was 2 inches square. Not one real emerald was crystal clear. I took a picture of this Merle Oberon's emerald necklace. I wondered what it take to heist that thing. If anything I'd famous for being on the nightly news station with my mug and all on TV had I gave that a try. Why is it I think like that when I see that kind of stuff I must have a Conditional Dysfunctional Disorder. CDD, also called Pirates Syndrome. I wonder if I should seek a mental counselor for that issue of mine??. Good thing is I haven't ever acted on it, but some would say I'm living with denial.
    Merle Oberon?s Legendary Emerald & Diamond Necklace by Cartier ? Jewels du Jour There was some fantastic jewels there and it was sure interesting to see them all up close.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	emerald necklass cartier.jpg 
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    Oct 2012
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    Those emeralds are huge probably worth alot
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