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    Whites coinmaster 4000D?

    I know someone that will sell me a whites coinmaster 4000D for $40.
    Says it works just fine and barely used.
    Can somebody tell me how good this detector actually is and if $40 is a good deal


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    Aug 2007
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
    White's Vision, White's 6000DI Pro
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    Re: Whites coinmaster 4000D?

    Hi Rob

    Well...I just read the online manual for the 4000D...it's not much different in the way it operates in disc mode than my 3000D Series2....a real pain in the arse. Trying to use disc in Pa. requires constant retuning of the ground balance, a feature I did NOT like.

    Operating with the GEB, (Ground Exclusion Balance) is basically an all metal mode and you will be digging a lot more junk than what you may have with your Ace. It's a whole different animal. And forget about getting the depth you used to get with your Ace.....you won't be digging much silver at 8" or 6" for that matter. Most everything I found with my 3000 was 4" and up...an exception was a beer can that was about a foot and a half...it will pick up big stuff deep in all-metal.

    I also have a 6000D Series2 which is a little better in disc mode, but I still find the need to retune sometimes in certain areas....the 6000Di Pro seemed to have eliminated that drift issue and ground balancing was't that much of an issue at all.

    Compared with newer machines..its heavy and not very ergonomic. The weight I could cope with...it's that handle design that's uncomfortable.

    $40.00 is probably a good price for it...but you still have a couple months til detecting season hits full swing again in Pa. Why not save a few dollars and get a machine a little more up to date with better disc and ground balancing?
    Check ebay...there are always machines more advanced up for bid and this time of year, you can get some bargains.

    IMO, I think you'd be disappointed with it and end up wishing you had saved your money for something a little better. I read over your older posts and see what you found when you had your Ace.....and like I said, the difference between the machines is night and day. Sorry to hear about your latest one getting ripped-off.

    I think...therefore I am.

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    Feb 2009
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    Re: Whites coinmaster 4000D?

    Hi Rob,

    I agree with Al.I used a 3000D (built 1981) for a few years.Quite good to hunt deep iron at WW2 sites and battlefields.
    Relic hunting,coin-shooting Better forget about it.Too much old-school.Modern machines are better in handle.

    Greetings, Sven



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