Whos the goof in Grant Park?
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    Who's the goof in Grant Park?

    Somebody just got ticketed at Grant ($300.00) Was told several times not to come back but Friday the goof didn't listen and got nailed Anyone see this guy? guess he was digging and not bothering to fill in. If he was at the golf course it's been filled over with at least 3 ft. of earth maybe he was digging new holes on the green's anyway kick his A$$ if you see him at any other parks.

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    Jun 2007
    Milwaukee WI
    I go to grant park all the time and never got a ticket but then I never go on the golf course..i guess some folks just never have any common sense

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    Nov 2004
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    latest news it was 360$$ and now I heard he went back and they confiscated his detector Trouble is the ranger didn't know anything about it sooooo who gave the ticket?

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    Aug 2013
    I live near Grant Park. I walk my dog on the sidewalk along the golf course and saw a guy just this summer with a detector digging on the driving range. He wasn't bothering to fill his holes and I made a comment that he was fu@%!n& it up for everyone doing what he is doing. He shrugged it off and walked away. If I see it again I'm going to smash his gear. Not to be a prick about it but that's just being an a$$hole.
    On another note, I tried down on the beach by the power plant. I honestly had no idea we weren't allowed to do this in Wisconsin. I'm glad I didn't get caught. I didn't find anything but now that I know, I may as well get rid of it all. It sucks we can't enjoy our hobby here because of some very inconsiderate people.

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    Stewie, if you were on the beach it is OK, you just have to stay out of the water. Bradford beach is a Milwaukee county parks beach so the same rules apply as the other county parks. I do not think there are too many officials that even know about the water rule so IMHO I even think you are safe in the water.
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    Which grant park? Grant park in Chicago?

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    Aug 2013
    South Milwaukee

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    Aug 2013
    Good to know, thanks Fire Fighter. I really want to get in to this as a hobby. I enjoyed the time I did spend doing it. I just need to get the equipment again. I'd LOVE to try Bradford Beach for sure! So far I've found a lot of aluminum slugs. Nothing worth anything yet. I'm excited though.

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    I have been known to dig some awfully deep holes in the sand traps on various golf courses around here. I didn't fill them in either. Just too upset...

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    was totally thinking about the grant park on the east side of milwaukee. there was a swim beach in the 30s and 40s down by the river. the old break wall is a 100ft away from the current river bed. has to be something down there. def goin fall and spring cant wait! sorry for the 4 year delay in the post lol



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